Mixed fortunes in school champs

Feilding High School and Hato Paora College continued doing it tough at the final days of the junior secondary schools softball championships.

Hato Paora won three games to finish fourth while Feilding were winless and finished sixth at Colhouqoun Park this week.

On day three of the competition on Wednesday, Hato Paora lost 12-0 to St Patrick's College, Wellington, before bouncing back to beat Feilding High School 15-8 in the first round of playoffs.

Yesterday they upset St Paul's Collegiate School from Hamilton 12-3, but lost to St Patrick's College, Wellington, 18-2 in the playoff for third and fourth.

Feilding lost their final round-robin game 31-0 to Hastings Boys' High School, were beaten by Hato Paora 15-8, then lost their playoff for fifth and sixth to St Paul's 19-4.

Hastings tipped up St Peter's 5-4 in a close final. It was a tight game that came down to the last out to get Hastings the win thanks to their good batting and base running.

Day three: St Peter's College 16 St Paul's Collegiate School 1, St Patrick's College 12 Hato Paora College 0, Hastings Boys' High School 31 Feilding High School 0, HBHS 15 St Paul's 2, Hato Paora 15 Feilding HS 8, St Peter's 6 St Patrick's 1.

Day four: HBHS 7 St Patrick's 0, Hato Paora 12 St Paul's 3, St Patrick's 18 Hato Paora 2, St Paul's 19 Feilding HS 4, HBHS 5 St Peter's 4.

Standings: HBHS, St Peter's, St Paul's, St Patrick's, Hato Paora, St Paul's, Feilding HS.

The Manawatu Standard