At least Taylor will have his dignity intact

23:00, Dec 06 2012

The Black Caps have had some atrocious performances during my life.

But this week is undoubtedly the most ashamed I have ever been to be a cricket fan (let alone someone who works in cricket) and it is nothing to do with how a team has performed on the park.

The Black Caps' captaincy fiasco is yet another in a long line of New Zealand Cricket public relations disasters over the past few years.

Instead of enjoying an all-too-rare overseas test victory, the actions of New Zealand Cricket, new coach Mike Hesson, Brendon McCullum and other senior players have managed to instantly remind everyone of the team's and organisation's ineptitude.

I have no qualms about stating my belief that, despite any reports you may read in coming days to the contrary, Ross Taylor is the most moral, ethical, and trustworthy person and has the most character of anyone involved in the Black Caps' setup.

So to see him treated as he has been and to likely lose the captaincy, has myself and some others I have spoken to this week seriously re-evaluating our involvement in the game.


I'm glad I carefully worded certain parts of last week's article to include Black Caps coach Hesson and senior players as the people that appeared to be undermining Taylor's captaincy.

Hesson has already shown his true colours, and by refusing to step down, Taylor has made Hesson show his hand as someone who has systematically undermined his captain.

While most of the players may be with him at the moment, most of them will ultimately learn that if he was prepared to stab Taylor in the back, it will only be a matter of time before he does it to them as well.

If he wanted to change the captain, he should have done so at the start of his reign rather than undermining Taylor from day one and manoeuvring the situation so that he could give the captaincy to his former flatmate McCullum.

I expect McCullum will initially have some success in his role as captain in that his personal performance will improve.

But as it always is with his erratic personality, it will only be short-lived.

If his performance does amazingly somehow improve overnight, if he is appointed captain, what does that tell you about the character of the man whose performance has tanked since not being made captain 18 months ago when Taylor was appointed?

I'm also glad I said that certain senior players have had way too much influence for far too long and need to be moved on.

Through their contribution to this matter, these senior players have been exposed as being far more interested in doing whatever it takes to keep their contracts than doing what's right for the Black Caps.

Taylor supposedly lost the dressing room because he failed to communicate (ie: fall under the influence and persuasion of these senior players) and was looking to introduce more young players into the side. Taylor is the only person involved in this issue who will come out with his dignity and reputation.

Despite the efforts of NZC, Hesson and the senior players to discredit him personally, and as a player, the media and sporting public have seen straight through it.

The reason for this is, while not everyone may like Taylor's captaincy, they can tell he is a good, honest bloke while the others' lack of collective character and obvious attempts to manipulate the situation has bred suspicion and distrust.

Manawatu Standard