Marton trainer was a hard worker

23:00, Jan 20 2013
GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Jack Georgetti will be remembered as someone who "was lots of fun, always had a lot to say and had a neat personality."

A private funeral will be held tomorrow for Marton horse breeder and trainer who died last week after a short battle with bone cancer.

Mr Georgetti was diagnosed with cancer on October 15, he celebrated his 70th birthday on December 15 and died on Tuesday last week.

The Georgetti family has been involved in racing in the Marton area since the mid-1960s, with horses bred on the family farm.

Two of Mr Georgetti's most successful horses were Possum and Casino.

Partner Gloria Kenny met her best friend and training mentor 23 years ago on the hunt field, chasing hares.

He grabbed her attention with his "cheeky ways".


"He was lots of fun, always had a lot to say and he had a neat personality."

Mr Georgetti was a natural with horses and had a strong work ethic that helped him breed and train good horses, she said.

Right up until the week before he died he was up at the crack of dawn watching the horses work, checking their feed and ensuring everything was ticking over properly.

"He was very particular in how things were done," she said.

"He's been a good source of advice.

"He always told me not to rush and to keep looking at the horses, because you could tell how well they were going on how they looked."

His passion for horses used to take up a lot of his time, with Mr Georgetti spending hours reading up on their breeding.

Mr Georgetti was a slight, 70-kilogram man who would often be up early and work a nine-hour day, she said.

"On Monday he was walking up the passageway with his son, holding hands and it was so nice to see."

The pair still have a handful of foals, so Ms Kenny plans to get her trainer's licence and continue Mr Georgetti's legacy.

He is survived by his first partner Shirley-Anne, two children and four grandchildren.

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