Jets seek coach with immediate start

23:00, Feb 20 2013

Manawatu's Jets aren't wasting any time in their hunt for a new coach of the national league team.

They hope to have finished negotiations and announced a successful candidate by Friday next week.

Jets coach Ryan Weisenberg announced on Monday he wouldn't be back for a fourth year for family reasons.

The franchise board has already called for expressions of interest and they will close by the end of Monday.

Acting general manager Janet Thompson said they won't advertise the position publicly, but they have put it around all of the other National Basketball League teams. "We know there is some local interest in the position," she said.

"We are going to use next Tuesday to Thursday for a selection process.


"We are moving on it very quickly because we need to get a coach in place and we are confident we will get good candidates."

The new coach will be expected to be fulltime only for the Jets' national league season.

They will discuss a longer term contract later. For instance there is the community coaching which is being done fulltime by assistant-coach-cum-player Miles Pearce in the schools under the KiwiSport programme.

Prospective coaches in the United States have already been in touch with the Jets via Weisenberg or through Jets players who have played overseas.

For some coaches, the timing of the appointment won't work.

Manawatu Standard