Young runners show adults up around Taupo

23:00, Feb 25 2013

Ten Feilding High School students showed the way to many adult teams in the Round Taupo Relay at the weekend.

With an average age of 14.3, the Feilding runners ran around Lake Taupo in 12hr 56min 37sec.

That placed them a meritorious 36th out of 117 teams. The winners crossed in 9hr 16min.

Feilding provided the first student team to run around the lake, all 155km, and it was understood to be the youngest team to have done the circumnavigation. Runners had to be aged 13 and over.

Two of the Feilding students, Bridget Henson and Bryce Hirschberg, came up with the idea and, within two weeks, they had assembled a team of 10.

"They were keen to run, self-trained and self-motivated," said manager Debbie Henson. Peter Blackwood was their running coach.


A year 10 student, Alex Snaddon, ran the longest distance of 24.1km.

They departed Taupo at 2.30am on Saturday and finished at 3.25pm.

There was a section for school teams to run one length of the lake.

Feilding's runners were running five-minute kilometres, and only one pulled out after suffering a calf muscle strain 3km into a 7km leg. Davd Corpe and Gio Dryfhout took on the big climbs.

The other runners were Melissa Blackwood, Harley Hughes, Tristan Jenkins, Axel Oswald and Amy Richards.

Manawatu Standard