Tennant has some big shoes to fill

Scott Tennant may only be 20, but he's been going to stockcars longer than most experienced drivers.

Tennant will be one of the favoured drivers in group six of tonight's qualifying for the New Zealand stockcar champs at Arena Manawatu.

Tennant's father, Dave, won a national superstock title in 1989 after he started racing in 1977 and he and wife Ailsa have been integral to keeping the Auckland speedway going.

He is also vice-president of the club.

The younger Tennant said his life has revolved around speedway.

"Apparently I went to my first stockcar meeting in Rotorua when I was just a few months old," the young Tennant said. "It's all I've ever known really. It's been a great family thing for all of us.

Tennant is now in his fourth season of stockcar racing and also drives the Robertson Holden Speedway track car at his home Waikaraka Park, Auckland, after racing youth ministocks previously.

While he's finished within the top 10 of most championships over the last three years, Tennant admits it is difficult to finish on the podium.

"I was one point away from third last year but with so many Palmerston North cars usually making the finals it's often a benefit for them."

Qualifying is a championship on its own, he says.

"I think it's tougher than when you are in the final, when you know most of the drivers you're racing against," he said.

"In qualifying you might only know four or five of the drivers so you're looking ahead, beside, and in the mirrors to try and stay clear of trouble."

Tennant will be part of the Auckland Allstars team, which has a good chance of toppling the more favoured Palmerston North Pumas and Wellington Young Gun teams.

"We've got a pretty good team and if we get it right we're definitely a chance to win which would be great for our club."

Tennant will also be part of the Auckland team at the teams' champs in February.

Manawatu Standard