Lampp's sports comments

Great venue to beat the Mooloos

Waikato Stadium

I can see why Hamilton is often given major rugby fixtures these days, and why Palmerston North seems to be on the backburner.

Cruden circus just a distraction

Aaron Cruden

Aaron Cruden's overnighter wasn't great timing as far as Manawatu Turbos were concerned.

Duck, you're on candid camera

Dan Carter

Notice when All Blacks assemble that for a whole day and a night, the same two players are featured everywhere.

Sympathy and emotion

The Kick

OPINION: It took courage to put the story of Beaver to the screen, although making it as a docu-drama made it easier.

Observe Crusaders' fatal flaws

Richie McCaw and Sam Whitelock

OPINION: The Super Rugby final at Sydney only reaffirmed my aversion to the box kick.

Silver: Colour of Manawatu's lining

Silver might not be gold but it is more than a pass mark for the Manawatu contingent at the Commonwealth Games.

Fogeys gave Roy Williams grief

New Zealand at Commonwealth Games

OPINION: In part, Roy Williams' just-released autobiography makes disturbing reading.

Well done for playing the game

Valerie Adams in the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games seem to be lower key than they were in the past.

World champs not always No 1


OPINION: Too much weighting is accorded to the winners of World Cups, in all sports.

Super Rugby running out of gas

For me, Super Rugby has just about run its race.

Book some time to absorb this

OPINION: Two books arrived this week which would be hard-pressed to be equalled online.

Book some time to absorb this

PETER LAMPP - Manawatu Standard

Two books arrived this week which would be hard-pressed to be equalled online, as in the worldwide web. One is The All Blackography, The Indispensable Guide to every All Black by former journalist Ron Palenski.

Let's get rid of the rolling maul

OPINION: A little bit of thought could rid rugby of the dreaded rolling maul.

Even the kitchen sink not enough

All Blacks

OPINION: England knew they were stuffed; they had thrown entire kitchen sink at our heroes and come up with an entree.

Nuggety half doesn't need a break

Aaron Smith

OPINION: Rugger coaches call it adding impact off the bench.

Some worries surface for All Blacks as World Cup looms

In the All Blacks' past two tests, they have led for a total of only six minutes.

Early picks for teams

club rugby

OPINION: Schoolboy rugby around New Zealand's bigger establishments has become a preparatory school for pay for play.

Needle would've pulled players up

Rugby socks around ankles show a lack of discipline.

Beware the dreaded collywobbles

Big leads often lead to onset of the jitters.

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