Double trouble with both Miers in tanks

23:00, Feb 21 2013


Superstock drivers will need to be aware of two Miers tanks on the track now Jack Miers has committed to driving one all the time.

Jack and father Scott Miers will line up for the 248 Global Challenge at Arena Manawatu tomorrow night, when the entire 50 years of stockcars at Palmerston North will be celebrated to the day.

Jack Miers, 18 years old, had been playing around with the former Stan Hickey flier, but that has now been sold to Nelson's Craig Boote.

"I want to drive a tank," said Jack Miers

"Really, I've always wanted to drive a tank."


Jack Miers said that's all he'd known his father drive since he'd followed him as a young child.

"I'd never seen Dad race anything else and we've always had tanks in the garage with a crew working on them."

Jack Miers said the teams champs and particularly the Manawatu Mustangs win over the Baypark is his most memorable moment.

The young Miers did say although the tanks have come into their own in teams racing again, don't discount the chances of a tank winning a major individual title in the future.

"There's not a lot of difference in speed and Dad has really got the tanks to work this season."

With 50 superstocks from around the country registered for the Palmerston North PartsWorld Global Challenge, there will be 48 drivers who won't know which Miers is coming at them. The tanks are identical except for the numbers with Jack carrying '88P' while Scott is '8P'.

A Shane Penn win would make his one-in-a-million season even more remarkable. With the national teams and individual titles, as well as the world 240s and the Manawatu title already secure in the trophy cabinet, a global challenge would cap the season.

England's greatest stockcar driver, John Lund, with a record six F1 titles, will head the visiting drivers.

They also include Thomas Stanaway (3NZ) and Shane Harwood (both Nelson), Lance Ashton, Scott Hewson, David Elsworth, Bryce Steiner and Kyle Fraser (Rotorua), Steve Jude (Hawke's Bay), Brad Ridland (Auckland) Phil Ogle and Peter Moseley (Stratford) and the popular Kerry Podjursky (Wanganui).

There's many local hopes with father and son Peter and Asher Rees, Graeme Barr, Andy McCabe, Chad Ace, Wayne Hemi, Kerry Humphrey, Shane Mellsop, Peter Bengston and the three Joblin brothers Simon, Scott and Adam.

A big field of golden oldies will also race, as well as some of the classic stockcars, which go back almost 50 years, including the first Bruce Robertson tank.

The action-packed sidecars will make up the meeting with a best pairs competition.

Huntly's Frank van Vroonhoven, is remembered for two things - being one of the best entertainers at the teams champs, but also for getting married at the Robertson Holden speedway on a Saturday afternoon before racing at the world 240s that evening.

Van Vroonhoven will head the golden oldies field that includes names from the past, with Paul Urlich, Brian Booker (Stratford), Barry Featherstone, Shaun Wade, Lindsay Swale, Graham Pegg, Terry Smith (all Huntly) and Bill Peat in a 20-car field

Fans will be able to welcome all three Palmerston North national champions. As well as Penn and Peter Rees, Paul Humphrey and swinger Ben Franklin will lead the sidecars, along with 2NZ team-mates Alister and Richard Horne.

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