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Last updated 12:00 09/08/2012
SWEET: Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick star in Step Up 4: Miami Heat.

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Step Up 4: Miami Heat 3-D
PG, 1hr 55min
Reviewed by Katy Breheny

REVIEW: Not for a minute do you believe this movie could happen in real life, but somehow that has no impact on the enjoyment factor.

Step Up 4: Miami Heat 3-D takes the dance movie franchise to a historical Miami district, home to a hi-tech flash mob dance group known as The Mob.

With a desire to have their skills known on a worldwide basis, The Mob, led by talented dancer Sean (Ryan Guzman), choreographs stunning routines to bring action to a standstill in public places. The group's ultimate goal is to win an internet competition for a video clip gone viral.

Although their performance dance art has attracted a large following, including unwanted police attention, the big one continues to elude them.

Sean's focus suddenly shifts when a wealthy businessman decides to develop the district and in the process evict families who have lived there for generations. In reaction, The Mob's drive to find fame becomes a drive to make a stand. This new direction is complicated by the new member of the group (Kathryn McCormick) who has mixed allegiances.

The beginning of this movie is not promising, with a cheesy sequence involving modified cars gyrating almost as energetically as their human counterparts.

With the cringe factor out of the way, the movie gets on with it in a surprisingly watchable manner with a couple of factors that appeal to the romantic in most of us - dance and young love.

The dance part of it is in fact stunning and encompasses a whole range of styles which all appear to be carried out flawlessly with eye-catching effects.

The romance part is quite sweet, out of sync with what you might expect from the title Miami Heat, not at all complex in its character but definitely not on the sordid side.

With a surprisingly full theatre with a mix of ages, the movie did appear to have gone down quite well with everyone.

There are not many of us who are not fascinated by dance, so despite unconvincing acting and no attempt to tether the movie to reality, it did succeed quite well.

Now the fourth movie into the Step Up sequence which began in 2006, this one can definitely be viewed independently of the others.

Despite expectations, this is not a bad movie to suffer the 3-D glasses for and will bring some effortless entertainment.

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- Manawatu Standard


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