Cerebral drama moves at slow tempo

Last updated 12:00 09/08/2012
LOVE INTEREST: Luke Kirby as Daniel and Michelle Williams as Margot in Take This Waltz.

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Take This Waltz
R16, 2hr
Reviewed by Peter Lampp

REVIEW: Margot is supposedly happily married but never satisfied and naughtily has a man interest either side of her Toronto street.

One of them is a chap who runs a rickshaw, yes, even in Canada. The other is her hubby Lou (Seth Rogen) who is writing a cookbook of chicken recipes, as chaps do.

So here we have a slow-moving Canadian relationship film, so deep and meaningless that big-time reviewers will be digging out their thesauruses and getting all very visceral about it.

Michelle Williams as Margot anchors it. This is a way skinnier Michelle than the one who had to pile poundage on to her hips to portray Marilyn Monroe earlier this year.

She was an amazing Marilyn and a very natural but almost cute Margot. It is just that Margot is rather strange - should be happy with her teddy-bear hubby but she is both naive and bored.

Every time he has his hand in a new chook dish, Margot waltzes up for a seductive cuddle. He understandably tires of this, as most male cooks would, so she takes a decko over the street or heads off with her hormones for a bout of aquarobics.

She has met her other potential love interest, Daniel (Luke Kirby) on an aircraft and they get into each other's heads; he becomes a sort of stalker. When he gives her a hot verbal over a coffee, she sensually hears him out and the scene is set.

For much of the two hours we have a cerebral drama with sexual overtones, only to be greeted with unnecessary shots of Margot on the loo and even of housewives in the shower at the local pool, triangles and all.

Then, out of kilter with the rest of the movie, a few rounds of eroticism ensue. In the film's home, Canada, they censored out the smutty scenes.

Ignore the film title. The only Take This Waltz here is the haunting song by the Canadian with the funny hat, Leonard Cohen. The musical score rescued this art-houser from a 2¾-star rating.

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