The fishy phenomenon returns to the big screen in 3-D

Last updated 12:00 13/09/2012

COMPLETELY IMMERSED: The 2003 animated film Finding Nemo is now showing in 3-D.

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 Finding Nemo
3-D PG, 2hr
Reviewed by Katy Breheny.

REVIEW: Although just released in 3-D, Finding Nemo may not be the newest addition to the tank, but it is still a crowd pleaser that undoubtedly delivers even if you've seen it before.

With its first release back in 2003, there will not be many people unfamiliar with the close father-son clownfish combo who defy the odds when a deep sea diver separates them. Probably a favourite for many, it has most likely been a regular addition to the DVD list. This is the movie that put clown fish up there with Barney, The Wiggles and Father Christmas.

With this in mind and with a teenager of my own who was wooed by the original movie into tropical fish tanks and the ultimate dream (unrealised) of a salt water tank and a clown fish, we both took to the theatre to see the 3-D version.

Half expecting the yawn factor to set in, I was pleasantly surprised to be reeled in once again to the heart-rending, and hilarious tale, having to suppress a tear near the end. This proves that we are still not over the fishy phenomenon.

To summarise the plot, in an ocean not far away, a loved-up clownfish pair - Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Coral (Elizabeth Perkins) have moved anemones to a new part of the ocean. Enjoying their seclusion they await the hatching of their numerous eggs to make their lives complete.

That is before the drawback of their location, the prevalence of barracudas, means that in an instant Marlin loses his wife and all of his offspring except one, who is slightly damaged.

This experience teaches Marlin always to be fearful of what may happen, an attitude that causes his son Nemo (Alexander Gould) to rebel.

When Marlin's heavy-finned authority pushes him too far, Nemo swims away into the clutches of a diver who plans to fast-forward his arrival to the great tank in the sky.

With his life in danger, Nemo's Dad vows to find him, meeting unforgettable characters such as the scatterbrained tang Dory, (Ellen Degeneres), Bruce the shark (Barry Humphries) and Crush the turtle (Andrew Stanton), to name a few.

Marlin and Nemo are both challenged and find that with space to grow, their bond is stronger than ever.

Seen in 3-D, Finding Nemo is a visually satisfying experience that enhances the original effective animation. With those glasses on, you are even more immersed in the movie.

It is definitely one worth revisiting and if you do have anyone in your life that needs to be introduced to Nemo, it is a great time to do so.

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