Rail against the arrogance of Trump

23:00, Dec 12 2012

You've been Trumped
PG, 1hr 50min
Reviewed by Peter Lampp.

There's nothing like taking on the bullies.

People like Donald Trump not only give hairdressers a bad name, they do nothing for America's international reputation, as this documentary reveals.

So when the billionaire tycoon rumbled into Scotland like a blundering bulldozer, not everyone was prepared to sit back and watch their dunes being dug up to become a golf course for American tourists.

Independent Scottish producer Anthony Baxter set out to take on Trump, and, unbelievably, was even thrown in the klink by his own coppers for daring to film the Trump bulldozers at work.

The BBC was threatened by the Trump crowd about daring to screen this doco, but virtually told them to get stuffed.


Scottish people from the Aberdeenshire area and the Balmedie coast galvanised themselves and marched against Trump International.

Baxter has produced telling footage of Trump flying into Aberdeen airport in his vintage but private 1968 Boeing 727-23. He strides in surrounded by security, tame media and, worst of all, Scottish pipers.

And Baxter is there when the diggers move in and even cut off essentials for the few landowners who refuse to sell to the Americans.

Trump wanted to build the world's greatest golf course, and the big oaf claims he has. Only trouble is, Donald, you are 200 years too late - St Andrews along the road beats you for starters.

Baxter exposes how big money runs roughshod over little landowners, twists the arms or greases the palms of governments and local councils and environmental bodies to such an extent it is sickening.

A local Greens councillor claimed the dunes were Scotland's equivalent of the Amazon rainforest, which was stretching it.

But links golf courses are supposed to be close to nature and Trump's oafs shifted mountains of dunes so now there are great, wide unnatural expanses of green.

It is like those books where make-believe golf holes are implanted on top of mountains.

Trump's arrogance is aptly captured by Baxter. Trump claims local landowners are living like pigs, and while their holdings do resemble dumps, they are their dumps.

However, their kilted intransigence has been a Scottish thistle under Trump's seat.

The whole thing reminded me somewhat of the people versus the parking meter fiasco a lot closer to home.

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