Nice sights and naughtiness

23:00, Dec 19 2012
LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Trine Dyrholm and Pierce Brosnan play parents of a bride and groom respectively, though they seem to be on their way to their own romantic fling.

Love is All You Need
M, 2hrs
Reviewed by Peter Lampp.

This amusing Danske mellow drama about relationships going bung should be a Christmas hit with our beloved travel agents.

Not so much for the naughtiness on their "familiarisation" trips but for the wondrous sights we are shown of the Italian Riviera and rustic accommodations.

It should have Palmerstonians dashing in to book packages to beautiful Sorrento.

They might even get themselves invited to a wedding there among typical family dysfunctionals like in this movie who natter away simultaneously in Danish (subtitled) and English, which is a little strange.

From the bits that got through, we deduced that fruit and veges magnate Philip (played by 59-year-old Pierce Brosnan) and Ida (40-year-old Danish actress Trine Dyrholm) were en route to a romantic fling, even if he looked as if he could be her father.


They were the parents of the bride and groom respectively, flying from Denmark to the wedding in Italia, and the whole darned family had issues.

Thankfully, ole Pierce didn't burst into song as he did in Mamma Mia. There was no need with so many variations of Dean Martin's signature song, Amore, belting out.

We saw ABBA lookalike Dyrholm in this year's A Royal Affair and in the Academy Award-winning In a Better World last year. Danish director Susanne Bier won her Oscar for that one and she does the job here, too.

In this one, Dryholm is first rate as a hairdresser and cancer sufferer, who is not afraid to whip off her duds - and her wig.

Love is All You Need will especially appeal to womenfolken capable of shedding a tear or a giggle. It has a bit of everything: An affair with dippy Tilde from accounts, inadvertent encounters in the car park, an over-sexed bitchy sister-in-law, surreptitious gay chaps and uncertain wedding partners.

For Danish linguists, this film is Den Skaldede Frisor, of course. Even the too-smooth Brosnan would know that.

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