Fried egg on a caesar? Oh no!

22:31, Oct 03 2012
GOOD LOOKS: Drover’s has plenty of ambience, but it’s a pity about the pokies.

Drover's Cafe & Bar
93 Manchester St,
Phone 323 3493

Open Tue-Fri 11am-late, Sat noon-late
Mains range up to $23.50
Reviewed by Lisa Durrant.

For a casual meal on a week night, Drover's Cafe & Bar looked like an excellent choice, with a good number of patrons obviously enjoying themselves in the relaxed surroundings.

The gas fire added to the ambience, unlike the pokie machines we could hear on the far side of the bar.

The cafe-bar has several areas, but the winter weather meant the outside and secondary dining areas were closed off from the main bar and adjoining dining area.

Drover's specialises in wood-fired pizzas, having a separate menu that offers a varied selection. The pizzas we saw served to nearby tables certainly looked appetising.


We decided to start with the garlic and herb pizza bread. This was more than enough for two, although the herb flavour wasn't that strong.

The pizza base was quite thick, but still nice and crisp.

Drover's wine list is limited, but reasonably priced.

For her main, my friend opted for the classic cheeseburger and fries, accompanied by Drover's tomato relish. The burger was disappointing. The pattie was a little dry and looked very much like one out of a packet.

The relish seemed more like a tomato sauce, and she felt overall that the dish was a letdown.

I chose caesar salad with grilled chicken for my main. This was also a disappointment, arriving with a fried egg - and a runny one at that - sitting on top of the salad.

I have never had a caesar salad with a fried egg before, and there's a good reason for this - the fried egg doesn't work. Also the cos lettuce had been changed for butterhead, and there weren't any anchovies.

There was ample chicken, but the croutons were three dry rounds of baked ciabatta.

For dessert, we ordered an apple crumble pizza to share. The best part was the icecream served alongside - a scoop of honey and nut that was delicious, ending the meal on a high note.

Manawatu Standard