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Association Croquet for the Council Cup

Paraparaumu 2 (81) Levin 2 (59)
Paraparaumu won on a countback.

Individual results: Judith Hunt (L) bt Deb Louwman (P) 26-20; Gerry Shaw (P) bt Margaret Troup (L) 25-11; Leicester Franks & Vera Greiner (P) bt Alison Lines & Margaret Tait (L) 24-7; Betty Duffy & Jim Arthurs (L) bt Bryan Barlow & Joy Allen (P) 15-12.

Takaro Croquet Club

John Prince Golf Croquet Handicap Singles
Allan Sanson 5 wins, Runner up: Norman Taylor 4 wins
Individual results: Sanson bt N.Taylor 7-5, Colleen Keenan 7-5, Nyrie Hannigan 7-2, Carole Taylor 7-6, Gay Janssen 6-4; N.Taylor bt C.Keenan 7-2, Hannigan 7-4, C.Taylor 7-5, Janssen 7-5; Janssen bt C.Keenan 7-4, Hannigan 7-4, C.Taylor 6-3; C.Taylor bt C.Keenan 7-1, Hannigan 7-3; Hannigan bt C.Keenan 7-5.

Golf Croquet Levels Singles for the Mayo Cup
Norman Taylor bt Allan Sanson, 7-4, 7-6, Gay Janssen 6-7, 7-2, 7-6; Janssen bt Sanson 5-7, 7-2, 7-3.

Wellington/Manawatu Annual Croquet Exchange
Association Croquet at Paraparaumu

Wellington 14, Manawatu 7
Individual results Doubles : Pauline Reid & Wayne Gair (W) bt Ted Anderson & André Murray (M) 26-7, Jan Hoeksma & Graeme Fisher (W) bt Michael Ross & Michael Hardman (M) 26-21, Terry Skelsey & Judy Kermode (M) bt Alison Bayly & Louise Starkey (W) 17-15, Val Erhardt & Janet Boutel (W) bt Judith Hunt & Margaret Troup (M) 14-12. Singles: Reid (W) bt Anderson (M) 26-23, Hoeksma (W) bt Ross (M) 26-21, Hardman (M) bt Gair (W) 26-21, Murray (M) bt Fisher (W) 26-14, Bayly (W) bt Skelsey (M) 14-13, Hunt (M) bt Erhardt (W) 21-6, Starkey (W) bt Kermode (M) 13-10, Boutel (W) bt Troiup (M) 18-6.

Golf Croquet at Feilding
Manawatu 16, Wellington 5.
Individual results Doubles:
John Wall & Lorraine Pickett (M) bt Chris Cambourne & Shaun Theobald (W) 7-3, Bill Harper & Dianne McDonald (W) bt Alison Wall & Rex Oliver (M) 7-4, Vince Neall & Mike Bell (M) bt Beverley Berryman & Eric Mawer (W) 7-5; A.Wall & Bell (M) bt Cambourne & Berryman (W) 7-6, J.Wall & Neall (M) bt Harper & Mawer (W) 7-6, Pickett & Oliver (M) bt Theobald and McDonald (W) 7-4; Pickett & Neall (M) bt McDonald & Berryman (W) 7-3, Oliver & Bell (M) bt Theobald & Mawer (W) 7-3, Walls (M) bt Cambourne & Harper (W) 7-3. Singles: A.Wall (M) bt Cambourne (W) 7-4, J.Wall bt Harper 7-3, Theobald (W) bt Oliver (M) 7-4, McDonald (W) bt Pickett (M) 7-5, Bell (M) bt Berryman (W) 7-4, Neall (M) bt Mawer 7-6; J.Wall (M) bt Cambourne (W) 7-5; Harper (W) bt A.Wall (M) 7-6, Pickett(M) bt Theobald (W) 7-6, Oliver (M) bt McDonald (W) 7-6, Berryman (W) bt Neall (M) 7-3, Bell (M) bt Mawer (W) 6-4.

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Combined result: Manawatu 24, Wellington 19.

Takaro Croquet Club

Golf Croquet Levels Doubles Tournament for the Brent Boddy Prestige Cup

Winners: Haig Thomson & Jared Smith (Rose Gardens)
Individual results: Thomson & Smith (RG) 5 wins bt Annette Rowland & Mike Lings (Masterton), Gay Janssen & Nyrie Hannigan (Takaro), Norman & Carole Taylor (T), Maureen Russell & Heather Presow (M), John Batty & Mike Bell (Feilding); Allan Sanson & Irene Deline (T) 4 wins bt Rowland & Lings (M), Thomson & Smith (RG), Norma Wilton & Viv Lord (M), Taylors (T); Taylors (T) 4 wins bt Rowland & Lings (M), Wilton & Lord (M), Janssen & Hannigan (T), Colleen & Robin Keenan (T); Wilton & Lord (M) bt  Janssen & Hannigan (T), Margaret Snelling & Chris Reay (RG), Batty & Bell (F); Janssen & Hannigan (T) bt Sanson & Deline (T), Keenans (T), Russell & Presow (M); Snelling & Reay (RG) bt Sanson & Deline (T), Keenans (T), Batty & Bell (F); Batty & Bell (F) bt Rowland & Lings (M), Keenans (T), Russell & Presow (M); Rowland & Lings (M) bt Keenans (T), Russell & Presow (M); Keenans (T) bt Wilton & Lord (M), Russell & Presow (M); Russell & Presow (M) bt Snelling & Reay (RG).

Croquet Manawatu

At the end of week 5, Rose Gardens and Feilding were equal at the top of the table on games won with Rose Gardens having a slight lead in net hoops.. Levin & Takaro weren't far behind. With a big win over Takaro in the final round, Feilding took the 2011/2 Manawatu Golf Croquet Interclub Championship.

Golf Croquet Interclub Competition - Final Week 6

Feilding 8, Takaro 2
Individual results:
Fiona Francis (F) bt Colleen Keenan (T) 7-5, Robin Keenan (T) 7-1; John Batty (F) bt Allan Sanson (T) 7-6, Norman Taylor (T) 7-5; Margaret Hewett (F) bt R.Keenan (T) 7-6, C.Keenan (T) 7-3; Taylor (T) bt Margaret Bailey (F) 7-6: Bailey (F) bt Sanson (T) 7-5; Taylor & Sanson (T) bt Batty & Bailey (F) 7-5; Francis & Hewett (F) bt Keenans (T) 7-2.

Rose Gardens 6, Levin 4
Individual results:
 Judy Kermode (RG) bt Betty Anderson (L) 7-0, Judith Hunt (L) 7-4; Pam Thomson (RG) bt Jenny Harding (L) 7-5, Fred Wheeler (L) 7-3; Hunt (L) bt Rex Oliver (RG) 7-3; Wheeler (L) bt Norma Chick (RG) 7-2; Oliver (RG) bt Anderson (L) 7-2; Chick (RG) bt Harding (L) 7-1; Hunt & Anderson (L) bt Kermode & Oliver (RG) 7-6; Harding & Wheeler (L) bt Chick & Thomson (RG) 7-5.

Final Points: Feilding 35, Rose Gardens 33, Levin 28, Takaro 24.

Palmerston North Twilight Golf Croquet
Round 3: Rose Gardens 4, Takaro 4

Individual results: Lorraine Pickett (RG) bt Gay Janssen (T) 6-5; Melva Jones (RG) bt Allan Sanson (T) 5-4; Sanson (T) bt Pickett (RG) 7-6, G.Janssen (T) bt Jones (RG) 7-1; Irene Devine & Tom Janssen (T) bt Robin Scott & Veronica Oliver (RG) 7-5, Pam Thomson & Betsy Bruère (RG) 7-2; Thomson & Bruère (RG) bt Robin & Colleen Keenan (T) 7-5; Scott & Oliver (RG) bt Keenans (T) 7-3. (RG)

Points to date (Total hoops in brackets): Rose Gardens  16 (131), Takaro 8 (114)

Croquet Manawatu

With only one round to go the competition is tight at the top of the table with Rose Gardens and Feilding equal on games won and Rose Gardenshaving a slight lead in net hoops. Levin & Takaro aren't far behind. The final round should be an exciting one.

Golf Croquet Interclub Competition - Week 5

Feilding 6, Rose Gardens 4
Individual results:
Fiona Francis (F) bt Pam Thomson (RG) 7-6, Robin Scott (RG) 7-4; John Batty (F) bt Annabel Neal (RG) 7-3, Judy Kermode (RG) 7-1; Margaret Hewett (F) bt Robin Scott (RG) 7-6, Thomson (RG) 7-6; Kermode (RG) bt Ken Managh (F) 7-5; Neall (RG) bt Managh (F) 7-3; Neall & Kermode (RG) bt Managh & Batty (F) 7-5; Scott & Thomson (RG) bt Francis & Hewett (F) 7-2.

Takaro 5, Levin 5
Individual results:
 Gay Janssen (Takaro) bt Jenny Harding (L) 7-5, Judith Hunt (L) 7-5; Lois Molloy (L) bt Colleen Keenan (T) 7-6, Robin Keenan (T) 7-2; R.Keenan (T) bt Fred Wheeler (L) 7-5; Allan Sanson (T) bt Hunt (L) 7-6; Harding (L) bt Sanson (T) 7-5; Wheeler (L) bt C.Keenan (T) 7-5; G.Janssen & Sanson (T) bt Hunt & Harding (L) 7-2; Molloy & Wheeler (L) bt Keenans (T) 7-1.

Points to date (Net hoops in brackets): Rose Gardens 27 (+16),  Feilding 27 (+10), Levin 24 (-4), Takaro 22 (-22).

Manawatu Croquet Association - Association Croquet
Griffiths Trophy (Handicap 16+)

Winner: Margaret Troup (Levin) 37 hoops, Runner up: Margaret Tait (Levin) 35 hoops. Other scores: Margaret Bailey (Feilding) 30, Jim Arthurs (L) 25, Jenny Harding (L) 24, Alison Lines (L) 22, Margaret Hewett (F) 19. Lois Molloy (L) 18.

Croquet Manawatu
Golf Croquet Interclub Competition - Week 4

Levin 4, Feilding 6
Individual results:
Fiona Francis (F) bt Judith Hunt (L) 7-4; Janice Coleman (F) bt Hunt (L) 7-5, Jenny Harding (L) 7-6; Harding (L) bt Francis (F) 7-6; Jan Smellie (L) bt Janet Brend (F) 7-6; Margaret Hewett (F) bt Smellie (L) 7-5, Hayden Barrett (L) 7-3; Barrett (L) bt Brend (F) 7-5;  Coleman & Francis (F) bt Hunt & Harding (L) 7-4; Smellie & Barrett (L) bt Hewett & Brend (L) 7-4.
Takaro 4, Rose Gardens 6
Individual results:
 Judy Kermode (RG) bt Gay Janssen (T) 7-6, Allan Sanson (T) 7-6; Warren Hawke (RG) bt Tom Janssen (T) 7-4, Irene Deline (T) 7-3; Deline bt  Margaret Snelling (RG) 7-5; Michael Hardman (RG) bt Sanson (T) 7-3; G.Janssen (T) bt Hardman (RG) 7-5; T.Janssen (T) bt Snelling (RG) 7-5; Hardman & Kermode (RG) bt G.Janssen & Sanson 6-4; Deline & T.Janssen (T) bt Hawke & Snelling (RG) 7-1.

Points to date (Net hoops in brackets): Rose Gardens 23 (+19),  Feilding 21 (+7), Levin 19 (-8), Takaro 17 (-18).

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