Inspired to be big loser

01:21, Jan 23 2013
SPINNING IT OFF: Tessa Hayes lost 16kgs in an eight-week fitness and weight loss programme at the Lido Fitness Centre. She’s back for more now that Christmas is over.

"Normally, my weight over Christmas would have skyrocketed," confesses Tessa Hayes, "but thanks to Weight Loss Solutions, I've only put on a kilo or so."

Tessa successfully completed the Lido Fitness Centre's Weight Loss Solutions programme before the festive season and credits it with keeping things under control during what has traditionally been a time of blow-out.

She took up the challenge of losing 12kg in eight weeks last October.

The recipe was roughly: Step 1 - join Weight Loss Solutions; step 2 - make use of the exercise and dietary programme, others in the group, instructors, regular weigh-ins, gym and pool resources to maintain motivation for eight weeks; step 3 - complete with a new found appreciation for the value of regular exercise and proper nutrition. And bonus - if you succeed in losing the 12kg, your 12-month gym membership is free.

Not only was Tessa one of six people who successfully shucked the required number of kilos, the young mum with two children managed to lose 16.6 of them, topping the class.

Following the birth of her son Leigh, Tessa's weight had ballooned to 105kg. It was hubby, Nigel who delicately suggested she might like a little help in getting back to her ideal weight of 70kg, by leaving a Weight Loss Solutions pamphlet in an obvious place.


"I remember thinking ‘I could do that'," Tessa says. She was also fired up by the prospect of winning a free gym membership.

Tessa is already back at the Lido gym, and has signed up for the year's first Weight Loss Solutions programme, under way on Monday, February 4, to continue working towards her goal.

"All the high-intensity group fitness works - the spin classes, circuit, boxing, ab classes, acquarobics, acqua-deep [movement with a flotation device in the Lido's diving pool] and personal training sessions."

The instruction and the equipment is first-rate. Lido Fitness Centre co-ordinator Sheree McLean says the 15 new spin cycles are the latest in spin cycle technology, while the Weight Loss Solutions programme gives all participants full access to the entire Lido facility, as well as a personalised weight-loss programme, weekly nutrition seminars and regular monitoring by the centre's fitness consultants. Progress is recorded on a public noticeboard at the gym to help with "commitment and accountability".

Tessa looks forward to her gym sessions as "mum's time out".

"I've been to gyms before but get bored with exercise really easily. I've never been this engaged, excited or enjoyed an exercise programme as much. The guys here just made it fun, and I met other mums and made a lot of friends. That was something I didn't expect. A core group of us have our own Facebook page now," she says.

Weight Loss Solutions at the Lido Fitness Centre runs four times a year.

Phone Sheree on 0508 GET FIT for details.

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