Tasman kayaker faces wild weather

ON A MISSION: Scott Donaldson
ON A MISSION: Scott Donaldson

The winds of change may have struck beleaguered kayaker Scott Donaldson, who is locked in his cabin amidst the wild weather.

The fierce winds sweeping up the South Island are the latest in a series of weather events - including a dramatic lightning storm - that have caused him to hunker down in his cabin.

Though he's had to hide from the elements, strong tailwinds pushing towards New Zealand may prove to be a silver lining.

A supply drop has been moved forward to tomorrow morning to make the most of a brief window of good weather.

Donaldson will receive a repair kit for his broken rudder, along with food and water.

Helicopter Services BOP chief pilot John Funnell, who has been dropping supplies to Donaldson, said the kayaker needs to make the most of the potentially favourable winds.

His previous drop saw a water container fracture - but he said he has gone back to the "tried and true methods" to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Funnell said he is still funding the supply drops out of his own pocket, and said he doesn't want to do it alone.

"They [Donaldson's family] don't have sponsors... the guy needs some support," he said.

"I hope someone steps up to the mark to help him."

Donaldson's wife Sarah said her husband was going well mentally and physically, and making a fair amount of progress despite the weather.

He is now roughly 500 kilometres from land, and is expecting to land at New Plymouth in 10 to 12 days time.

She is looking for sponsorship to help Funnell fund his supply drops.

Donaldson is sailing from Coff's Harbour, New South Wales to New Zealand on behalf of the Asthma Foundation to raise awareness for the need for physical activity.