Home detention for woman who stabbed partner

A 47-year-old Blenheim woman has been sentenced to six months' home detention after stabbing her ex-partner in the abdomen.

In the Blenheim District Court yesterday, Wendy Ann-Marie Gullery was given credit for her early guilty plea.

The court heard that Gullery and her 62-year-old partner had been in a de facto relationship for about 13 years at the time of the incident on May 1, when she became angry that he had gone to bed about 8pm during an argument.

Gullery told him to leave the house, but he stayed in bed and told her to leave the bedroom.

She then went to the kitchen where she picked up a large carving knife and went back to the bedroom.

Her partner got out of bed and she stabbed him before putting the knife back into the knife block and calling emergency services.

The man was taken to hospital where he was treated for a deep stab wound.

Gullery's lawyer, Rennie Gould, said her client also received medical treatment that night after her partner twisted her arm, fracturing a bone.

Judge Tony Zohrab said the pair had been in an abusive relationship for years and that Gullery had said she just snapped after years of abuse from her partner.

She also said he had run into the knife, Zohrab said.

He gave her credit for her guilty plea, and for the fact that she telephoned emergency services.

"Loss of life could have easily occurred and it's really good luck that nothing more serious happened in terms of injuries," he said.

The Marlborough Express