New lambs sign of spring in the air

21:10, Jul 28 2014
suffolk lambs
SPRING HARBINGER: These suffolk lambs were born on Gillian Neal’s farm in Koromiko last week.

Paddocks throughout Marlborough will soon be filled with bouncing lambs as lambing season gets under way.

For farmer Gillian Neal, of Koromiko, the early start came as a bit of a surprise - she was out and about on Wednesday when she heard the bleating of two new lambs. She said the suffolk twins were both healthy, and marked a good start to the season.

"Last year we had mostly twins and even a set of triplets.

"We look forward to another good season with healthy lambs," she said.

Okaramio woman Sandra Sewell works with her husband, sheep scanner Jeff Sewell, scanning sheep in the Marlborough region. She said the good weather in the region meant ewes were in great condition and scanning percentages showed a bumper season lay ahead.

"Farmers are quietly optimistic for the season as scanning has shown a high number of ewes are pregnant this year," she said.

Lambing had started on many Marlborough farms, but the busiest time was still a few weeks away, she said. The second week in August would see farmers at their busiest.

"Obviously, the earlier rams are let in with the ewes the sooner the season begins, and it differs for every farmer depending on their location. High country farmers don't want lambs born in the middle of winter if they can help it, so they hold off for a while," she said.


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