Blenheim girls in fine form in Nelson

01:43, Jan 31 2009
BUILT UP BODIES: From left, Andrea Miller and Kylie Russ were both highly placed at the Nelson Bays Body Building Championships in the novice physique category.

Blenheim's finest figures received the thumbs up from judges at the Nelson Bays Bodybuilding Championships during the weekend.

Blenheim woman Andrea Miller was the top female performer and was first in the novice physique category.

Lise Burnett of Blenheim won the best senior physique for women while Blenheim's Stefan Preddy won both the Novice Athletic and Novice Athletic Short categories.

Mrs Burnett said it was a great competition with some highly skilled competitors on show.

First-time competitor Mr Preddy said he went in with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised when he won.

Judge Marianne Poole had high praise for the winning Blenheim trio.


"Andrea, she's a great athlete and she's just a really beautiful woman. Lise has got great muscle maturity and Stefan looked really good, too."

She said it was just a great competition.

The Nelson Amateur Bodybuilding Association (NABBA) held the competition at the Suter Theatre in Nelson.

Organiser Mark Anderson said the Blenheim competitors were great.

"They were some wonderful competitors and it was a fantastic event."

The 20 contestants were competing to qualify for the national championships in Auckland in two weeks.

Mr Anderson said they had stuck to regimented diets, along with cardio workouts, weight training and practising their posing and performance routines.

Their diets are restricted to low fat, low carbohydrates and high protein.

The day before the contest the contestants coated their bodies in Dream Tan, and on Saturday glossed it over with tanning paste.

Blenheim competitors Jan Head and Kylie Russ were second in their respective categories of Senior Physique and Novice Physique.

Steve Dack of Christchurch was the best male performer.


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