Head in the cloud thinking pays off

Lee Harper from PC Media is presenting at an international conference this week.
Derek Flynn

Lee Harper from PC Media is presenting at an international conference this week.

Lee Harper, in one way or another, has always had his head in the clouds. But far from being a hopeless dreamer, his vision is taking him places. 

The self-proclaimed information technology "geek", managing director and part-owner of PC Media jetted off to Orlando, Florida last Friday.

On the all-expenses paid trip he will deliver two presentations to the world's leading information technology experts. 

He plans to tell 5500 experts how PC Media, a small information technology business based in Blenheim, has taken on and beaten multinational companies at successfully migrating organisations from in-house servers to cloud-based servers. 

Lee says PC Media has been so successful because they believe in their product, cloud computing. 

Basically instead of storing your data on a server in the corner and paying regular maintenance and update costs, you rent space on the internet via the cloud, he says. 

"It is much more cost-effective, secure and means you can access your data from anywhere in the world."

PC Media, which has offices in Blenheim and Nelson, leads the industry in New Zealand and Lee says it will only get bigger.

Earlier this year PC Media rolled out cloud computing to Marlborough Boys' College, saving the school an estimated $100,000 to $150,000. 

Lee's big-picture thinking has affectionately earned him the title of head of the "department of madness" in the Blenheim business. 

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"What really lights my fire is creating customer solutions. With information technology everything is possible. It can always be done."  

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