Residents to celebrate cleanup with street party

05:08, Sep 11 2012
Pitching in: Marlborough Girls’ College volunteers, from left, Tylar Rarity, 14, Tequila Keefe, 13, Ashley Crouch, 14, Oriana Houra, 13, Stacey Collins, 14, and Shanae Deacon, 14, help spruce up Brewer St, off Eltham Rd in Blenheim, as part of a Safer Communities Marlborough Project yesterday.

A makeover of Brewer St wraps up tomorrow with a street party to celebrate the week-long working bee.

The Safer Communities project has included free zumba lessons, kite-making, mural painting, clothes-swapping, free icecreams from Mr Whippy plus a visit by comedian Pio Terei as well as the big cleanup of the Blenheim street. The project is run by the Marlborough District Council and New Zealand Police and involves tidying up streets and houses, clearing rubbish away and helping neighbours meet each other. It makes neighbourhoods stronger and is a proven way of preventing crime. The residents' street party kicks off in Brewer St at 5.30pm tomorrow. Related courses in money management will be held at Whitney St School on Thursday and next Monday from 7pm.


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