No repeat of curry remark

18:11, Nov 25 2012

The Bohally Intermediate School board chairman is reassuring parents there will be no repeat of a teacher sending a pupil out of class because of her smell.

The year 8 pupil, who is of Indian-Maori descent, was told on Friday by a teacher to move to another classroom because she smelt like "curry and spices" and was making the teacher feel sick.

The girl's father, Jaswinder Paul, said she was still at school despite the teacher's comments.

School board chairman Kenrick Barter said yesterday he wanted to reassure parents the principal had thoroughly investigated the complaint and dealt with the matter.

The school had written to the family apologising for the incident.

School principal Andrew Read had taken disciplinary action against the teacher but Mr Barter said he was unable to comment further because it was an employment matter between the principal and teacher.


"The matter has been dealt with in a very proper manner and it won't happen again," he said.

"We obviously feel for the girl and her family but I cannot talk about it any more as it involves an individual member of staff and a student."

He was disappointed by the incident but was confident it would not happen again.

"This is not indicative of the high quality of education we rejoice in at Bohally."

Mr Read did not return calls from the Marlborough Express yesterday.

The girl's father remains upset with the way the school handled the situation and would not accept the teacher's written apology. Mr Read had given him the letter at a meeting on Monday afternoon, he said.

"I am not accepting the apology. She [his daughter] deserves more than that.

"I want to set an example, otherwise the teacher will keep doing it to other kids."

The teacher was not the girl's regular teacher, although she had taught her without any problems for one term last year.

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