Police dog tracks driver

18:13, Nov 25 2012

A police dog unit last night caught the driver of a van who fled the scene after a crash with a car at the corner of Battys and Lakings roads in Blenheim, a witness said.

The witness said she rang 111 after hearing the crash, before running out to find a van and a car in the middle of the intersection about 9.30pm.

As she talked to the Marlborough Express, a fire crew had cut the driver from the car and he was carried to an ambulance on a stretcher.

The car was badly damaged after being struck on the driver's side and hitting a Telecom box.

The woman passenger had got out of the car and was walking around, the witness said.

There appeared to be two people in the van, including the man who ran off.


The passenger did not appear injured and was talking to the police, the witness said.

There was a smell of alcohol but it was not clear where it was coming from, the witness said.

A Wairau Hospital duty manager said the man cut from the car was being treated about 10.30pm.

Residents complain the intersection has been the scene of many minor accidents but roading officials say only three or four have been reported in the past five years.

Marlborough Roads has added the intersection to the next crash reduction study.

The Marlborough Express