Man robbed while buying P, calls police

A Blenheim man who admitted drug charges was found out by police after he phoned them to report he had been robbed of $10,000 while trying to buy the drug P.

Shaun Lee Satherley, 34, was later sold fake P by the man who organised the robbery, his lawyer Rob Harrison told the Blenheim District Court yesterday.

Judge Denys Barry sentenced Satherley to six months' home detention, with special release conditions to complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation possibly including residential treatment.

Satherley had previously admitted four charges of offering to supply methamphetamine and one charge each of cultivating cannabis, possessing equipment for cultivating cannabis, possessing a P pipe and possessing cannabis resin.

Judge Barry said Satherley made four offers to supply people with methamphetamine during March.

On two occasions, he also tried to buy about one ounce of the drug, valued at $10,000 to $10,500, from people in Kaikoura, he said.

His lawyer, Rob Harrison, said the first time Satherley went to buy the drugs he was robbed at gunpoint.

Satherley phoned police to report the robbery. He later got his money back because the robbery was bungled, he said.

The robbery had been organised by Kaikoura man Desmond Steven Stewart Ngawhare, who later convinced Satherley he wasn't involved and offered to sell him more methamphetamine, Mr Harrison said.

Satherley paid, but was given "something which wasn't methamphetamine", he said.

Satherley's efforts showed the desperation that came from his addiction and he had been selling the drugs to fund his habit, not to make money, Mr Harrison said.

Ngawhare, 22, last month admitted seven charges of supplying, conspiracy to supply and offering to supply methamphetamine, LSD and cannabis and one charge of robbing Satherley and will be sentenced next month.

Judge Barry said Satherley's cannabis charges were laid after police searched his house on May 17 last year and found his partner carrying two bags containing 1.8 kilograms of cannabis.

Police found 1kg of cannabis leaf in the garage along with lights, transformers and equipment for indoor growing. They also found stumps from three cannabis plants in a garden and photos on Satherley's phone of him posing next to the plants, he said.

The P pipe and just over 2 grams of cannabis resin were found in the house.

Judge Barry said the cannabis was for personal use and a pre-sentence report assessed Satherley as having a low risk of harming others.

Mr Harrison said Satherley had been in prison for six months since his arrest, but because the man who robbed him had gang connections, he had been having an "extremely difficult" time in prison.

His prison experience had shown Satherley the danger his offending put him and his family in, Mr Harrison said. Throughout his time using methamphetamine, Satherley had been working and was so highly rated by his employer that his job was still available to him once he had served his sentence.

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