Checking work emails unhealthy

OPINION: How often do you check your mobile phone for work related emails on you own time?

Cheek-by-jowl offices out

Hot desks, co-sharing and all the other ways of squashing workers into small spaces have reached a limit.

Daily chart: Hours worked

How many Kiwis actually work a 40-hour week these days?

Higher prices for best dairy farms

Rural property sales held up during 2016 but tailed off at year's end.

Facebook billionaire a NZ citizen

Donald Trump donor Peter Thiel gains NZ citizenship, and buys Wanaka lifestyle block.

$163k 'sex romp' prank compo

School cleaner awarded more than A$150k after workmates pretended an orgy had taken place in a staff room.

Super rich buying NZ land

Wealthy Americans buying property in NZ see the country as a "bolthole for the future" in the event of a catastrophe.

Inauguration caps made in China

Buy American, says Donald Trump. Shame no-one told the suppliers of his inauguration caps.

Govt to squeeze gender pay gap

Paula Bennett doesn't want women to have same pay problems she did working as a dishwasher.

$50 note up for global award

The exchange rate might not be great but our notes are worth a few votes.

Upgrade pours in 'tonnes' of investment

Ravendown's new $30 million plant in Taranaki will be fully enclosed, the size of a rugby field and 21 metres tall.

Wage rise not choking market

OPINION: If the minimum wage is up 40 per cent in a decade, why aren't workers being priced out of jobs?

Coastal shipping more efficient, says MP

KiwiRail expect inter-island freight volumes to drop by 50 per cent as a result of the main transport links on State Highway 1 and the Main North Line being closed.

Who will be the governor?

NZ Super boss tipped to be among candidates for top central bank role, but can he be kept in line?

Liddell may need to sever charity role

Next Foundation philanthropic fund waits to hear if Trump's new adviser can stay on as chairman.

'Harassed' over waste dumping

The campers were spotted dumping grey water in wrong drain. Since then, they say they've been harassed by other park users.

Save $50k, travel to 50 countries

They passed up nights out, opened savings accounts and now this couple are seeing the world.

TPP withdrawal's NZ implications

Expert predicts there will be ramifications for businesses and the economy.

NZ's pay gap still gaping open

New Zealand companies are trying to tackle the gender pay gap through transparent policy and employee education.

Minimum wage rising

50 cent increase, to $15.75 an hour, "strikes right balance" between helping workers and protecting jobs, Govt says.

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