Blowing Bubbles: Where the housing bubble has blown up the biggest

We've broken the country into 751 suburbs - how big is the house price bubble where you live?

Blowing Bubbles: Has New Zealand already reached the property tipping point?

OPINION: Has New Zealand's housing market already passed the point of no return? How would we even be able to tell?

Ivanka Trump's China-sewn line turns profit at a political cost

Is Ivanka Trump's made-in-China fashion range undermining her father's political credibility?

Princess Cruises to pay record-breaking criminal fine for ocean pollution

A well-known cruise liner has admitted polluting the ocean with waste and then trying to cover it up.

Mike O'Donnell: Getting your head out of the clouds and your server into it

OPINION: Moving IT into the cloud appears to have helped organisations keep their networks online after last month's 7.8 quake.

Bitterness at hit dairy Lewis Road

Lewis Road businessmen in court over shareholding agreement.

Waikato-Tainui to build five-star hotel at Auckland Airport

Construction is set to begin on Tainui's new five star hotel at Auckland Airport.

Blowing Bubbles: After the boom, an opening in the Wellington housing market

Wellington's property market was once in the stratosphere, but is it still in orbit?

Nelson's surging economy boosted by tourism, housing, horticulture

Nelson and Tasman's booming economies move up the regional growth rankings and house prices stay strong.

Central Christchurch's trouble spots: What is all the fuss about?

Road cones, fences and closed exits greet those brave enough to drive central Christchurch.

Ground lease interest offered for waterfront petrol station

How to get a bite of a prominent Wellington service station.

Blowing Bubbles: Hamilton's surge, then settle story

Auction rooms in Hamilton were jam-packed, now they are starting to empty as the property market settles.

Blowing Bubbles: Tears in the Tauranga auction room

But where they were once shed in sorrow at another home purchase lost, there are now more tears of joy.

Blowing Bubbles: Cashed-up buyers still out in force at Auckland autions

If a bubble is bursting in Auckland's housing market, there's not much evidence of it in this city auction room.

Blowing Bubbles: Inside the auction room of NZ's hottest property market

A typical Queenstown house now sells for over $1m, so what's it like in an auction room there?

Mark Forbes, editor-in-chief of The Age, stood down

Mark Forbes, editor-in-chief of The Age, has been stood down pending the outcome of an investigation.

Quake delays building sales, but there's a silver lining in Wellington

A big purchase falls through but post-quake opportunities are expected in the capital.

Tensions run high as anger over central Christchurch roading nears boiling point

The almost non-stop road works, and persistent alterations are driving away customers and hurting businesses. This is Christchurch's CBD almost six years after the February quake.

Milk collection comes as welcome news for Kaikoura's dairy farmers

Frustrated Kaikoura dairy farmers get the news they've been waiting three weeks for - their milk will be collected.

Porirua lawyer who had difficult client wins appeal against censure and costs

Papali'i Lagolago did her best with a very difficult client, High Court judge says.

Harmoney fined $292k for misleading marketing campaign

Harmoney guilty of misleading consumers over pre-approved personal loans.

Bank closure takes suburb by surprise

The closure of BNZ's Newtown branch is causing a stir in the suburb with residents irked at the lack of information they received from the bank.

Award-winning butchery catches fire at its busiest time of year

Lifestyle Meats in Hamilton has had to shut down during the busiest time of year after the butchery caught fire on Thursday.

Cottage in Thorndon sells under the hammer for over $1m - with RV of $580K

Couple buys historic cottage for nearly double the RV without ever setting foot on the property.

As Lower Hutt grapples with its quake-damage, an old institution returns

The resurrection of Lower Hutt's Buzz Cafe brings reprieve to a quake-affected community grappling with a damaged mall.

Tourism leaders want $130m fund to pay for tourism infrastructure

Bed and border levies are proposed to help pay for toilets, car parks and other tourist facilities

New Plymouth buildings hit the market as yields rise

One building achieves region's ''best ever yield'' as northern investors look south.

Up to '1000 trucks a day' on alternative Picton-Christchurch route during busiest freight month of the year

The alternative route between Picton-Christchurch, which has already claimed one life, will be crowded with freight.

Wellington start-up Digital Cafe helping bridge the gap between tertiary study and employment

A new Wellington business is establishing itself on the principle of providing work experience to marketing students.

40,000 eftpos terminals to be upgraded or replaced

Contactless payments could get boost from international edict.

Port Nelson facing increased post-quake workload

As Wellington and Picton assess post-quake capacities, Port Nelson steps up to bear load of increased shipping requirements.

Classy gentleman, 90, refused service at bank over tweed hat

Dapper fellow, 90, denied service at his bank of 30 years because he refused to take off his tweed cap.

Auckland Airport expecting a busy summer

There's going to be more than 30,000 passengers in the international terminal every day.

LinkedIn: Does it make you more successful?

"I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn." But why?

Tasman District Council closes door on Easter trading

Most Tasman district shops will remain closed on Easter Sunday next year.

Young Uber-driving Sydney property investor shows how it's done

Four years ago, Taku Ekanayake was living at home. Now at 28, the Sydneysider owns six properties.

Predilection for pink leads to gaming business

Nighthawk, Falcon, Phoenix and Banshee are just some of the chairs Tracy Kirkley is now selling to gamers.

NZ lamb flock clipped by farmers' move to beef and because of adverse weather

The nation's lamb flock is dwindling, but they still account for a hefty $2.5b in exports a year.

Inland Revenue legal boss 'not qualified' to make call on trust in tax system

Tax department faces calls to open up about multinational tax avoidance.

Maori Party 'naive' to back RMA changes, GE-free advocates says

Maori Party accused of naivety after backing reforms which could stop councils declaring themselves GE-free.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to step down

Shares slide as the man who helped transform brand announces he will focus on innovation.

Housing costs lead rise in household spending

It may not feel like it, but Kiwis are earning more. We're also spending more on keeping a roof over our heads.

Chinese entertainment group, Songcheng, plans $600 million theme park on Gold Coast

People still want man-made fun: Mayor welcomes Chinese entertainment company's big plans.

Fraud leaves victims feeling angry and betrayed

Think you're too smart to be a victim of fraud? Think again.

How New Zealand's national Crate Day came to be

It's like New Zealand's own Christmas: Beers, stubbies and commercialism to welcome in summer.

Worker unpaid for 10 weeks gets missed wages but no compensation

An employee unpaid for 10 weeks had his claim of a grievance thrown out by the Employment Court.

More than $55m invested in commercial property around New Plymouth

Property investors are looking to the regions, with commercial sales in Taranaki jumping to $55m this year.

Megan Massacre visits New Zealand for the largest tattoo festival in Australasia

"If you think about it, it's living artwork. It's artwork with an expiration."

Retirement commissioner Diane Maxwell's satirical video mocks 2013 policy failure

Diane Maxwell uses mockumentary trailer to remind New Zealanders of NZ Super sustainability.

Nestle claims it can slash sugar in its chocolate bars by 40 per cent

Maker of Aero bars finds the holy grail - it says it can slash the sugar in its bars and people will barely notice.
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