Crafting sweet treats from beans to bars

Wellington Chocolate

The Wellington Chocolate Factory is the new kid on the block.

Genesis shares list at a premium


Shares in Genesis Energy traded as high as $1.83 on the NZX, well above their $1.55 issue price.

Moths, beetles free farm of stock-threatening weed

A ragwort plume moth.

Once covered in ragwort, a Manawatu farm is now almost free of the stock-threatening weed thanks to the introduction of moths and beetles.

Farmers advised to seek help over mental illness

Doug Avery

Mental illness among farmers is like grass staggers a top agricultural communicator claims.

Getting ready to kill the evil weevil

The path of the clover root weevil is easily detected by its distinctive U-shaped notches on clover leaves.

Scientists suck up nearly 500,000 wasps from Canterbury paddocks to fight a clover root weevil infestation on Southland farms.

Sustainable farming granted $9.9m funding

Nathan Guy

Farming industries to match the Government's funding with $8.7m of their own money.

New plans for Hotel Grand Chancellor site

Grand Chancellor site

Christchurch's tallest building pre-quake, the Hotel Grand Chancellor will not be rebuilt in its old spot.

Air New Zealand escapes class action

Air NZ

Air New Zealand has escaped unscathed from a private class-action suit in Australia, but its competitors have settled out of court.

Air NZ to seek costs over cargo cartel case

air cargo

Air NZ escapes unscathed from a private class-action suit in Australia, but its competitors settle out of court.

Say goodbye to the paper CV


You can take a tour of a house for sale online, so why has it taken so long for the CV to evolve?

One salmon farm appeal allowed

A salmon at New Zealand King Salmon's Clay Point farm in the Marlborough Sounds.

Supreme Court allows an appeal against the building of salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

Super Fund posts 19 per cent rise

Nz dollars

The NZ Super Fund grew by $3 billion in the year to March 31, despite a flat return last month.

Grape harvests beat rain

Grape harvester.

Nelson wineries are relieved the region's grape harvest has largely finished ahead of prolonged rain.

Turners Auctions upbeat outlook

Nz dollars

The used vehicle seller says sales will increasingly be online, on Trade Me and even Facebook.

Business briefs: new casino bosses

magnifying glass dollar

Short snippets from today's business news: New SkyCity bosses, most popular bank, hospitality industry Easter survey.

Liquidator to pay for 'buffoon' comment


Liquidator ordered to pay $18,165 after calling South Island property developer Dave Henderson names.

New Zealand stocks "fair value"


New Zealand stocks are trading at fair value, research company Morningstar says in its latest market outlook report.

Good behaviour order after in-flight bum grope

Alexandra Rose Williams

A passenger who touched the buttocks of a crew member has been ordered to behave.

Business backs Labour's manufacturing plan

David Cunliffe

Business groups cautiously welcome Labour's manufacturing policy, which the government dismisses as "same old same old".

Inquiry call over farming and water quality rules

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright.

Independent inquiry sought into direction of agriculture as farming's effects on water quality had become "too politicised".

Consumers chipper as economy picks up

A purse with cash.

Consumers are "chipper" and still singing in the rain of rising interest rates.

Easter trading: 362.5 days not enough?

easter bun

I understand a business needs to make money but can you not make that money the 362.5 days a year you're open?

Business and govt talk digital


Government agencies and businesses agree to work together to take advantage of digital opportunities.

KiwiSaver tax rules 'unfair'


Tax rates for KiwiSaver are too high and need to be lowered, a fund-management industry group says.

Labour market takes off


More jobs were advertised in March, continuing a run of rises for three consecutive months.

BNZ names new chief executive


BNZ Partners director Anthony Healy will step up to the top job on May 12.

Words we can't pronounce


If you want to appear more professional then it makes sense to know which words you mispronounce.

Does your boss steal your ideas?


What is the line between your boss harnessing the team's work and engaging in outright idea theft?

One Blackberry closes 450 start-ups open

Blackberry Z10

The demise of BlackBerry may have spelled trouble for its hometown, instead the tech hub is booming.

Need to know: Thursday April 17

question mark

What happened overnight and what's coming up in business today.

More feed than cows to eat it in a lush, autumn Canterbury

Cows eat Kale.

Exceptional autumn growing conditions in Canterbury means there is "more feed than cows to eat it at the moment".

Overseas owners have big plans for landmark farm

Hereford beef cattle

The new owners of Taranaki's landmark Onetai Station want to realise its potential as a beef and sheep farm.

Fodder beet a likely option

Fodder beet

Fodder beet could significantly boost beef returns and provide a profitable alternative to dairy grazing.

Mystery of the solitary silage silo


A Taranaki family is keen to find out more about a silage silo built on their farm in 1931.

$25m Alliance rendering plant up and running

Alliance group

The Alliance Group has finished commissioning its $25 million rendering plant.

China's matchmaker


Sam Pearson has learned to take a backhanded approach when promoting tennis in China.

'As-is' home sale in Christchurch tops $1m

merivale house

A 20-year-old house considered uneconomic to repair with no insurance has sold at auction for over $1m.

Garden centres snub Easter law

easter bun

A rebellious garden centre prepares to again flout the Government's "archaic" Easter trading laws.

Health, safety and wellness at work

David Veail.

What SME owners need to know about the new Health and Safety legislation.

Illuminated billboard switched off

Christchurch City Council

A 24-hour illuminated billboard in a residential street has been turned off after complaints.

World's largest curved TV revealed

Glen Chean

The ultimate in big screen television technology could soon be yours - for around $35,000.

Construction prices still rising

Construction worker/ Hard hat

The cost of building a new house continues to rise in Canterbury but not as sharply as it was three months or a year ago.

Personal informatics trends tracked

Chris Dancy

Tapping into 700 gadgets, sensors and online services, is this man really happy?

High dollar keeps lid on inflation rate

Stock market NZX

High kiwi keeps a lid on inflation, with widespread discounting in shops for imports like clothing, shoes and electronics.

Shock news: Greens now favour privatisation

pattrick smellie

OPINION: OK, that's a provocative headline, but how else to interpret the Greens' social housing policy?

Kim Dotcom's fortune unfrozen by court

Kim Dotcom is closer to regaining his millions after court denied Crown's request to keep his assets frozen.

SCF joined Crown scheme despite concerns


Treasury knew the finance company was troubled but let it into the Crown deposit guarantee scheme anyway.

Auckland civic building faces demolition

Auckland Council Civic Administration Building

Investors would have to pay at least $70m to bring Auckland Council Civic Administration Building up to spec.

Shoebox apartments 'good' for Auckland

Martin Dunn

Allowing 20sqm units would let cash-strapped buyers get apartments for $140,000, property expert says.

Mainzeal director opposes RGREL liquidation

Mainzeal director Richard Yan

Company linked to collapsed construction firm Mainzeal Property shouldn't have been liquidated, court hears.
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