Age: 62.

Where I live: Nelson.

Family: Widowed with three adult children.

The book by my bedside: Daily newspaper.

Interests: Local government affairs, community organisations, member Nelson Cancer executive, walking the beach each day, all sports.

Relevant skills and experience: Mayor of Nelson for nine years, past chairman Mayors Taskforce for Jobs for New Zealand, management and director experience, numerous community and sports organisations.

With the board responsible for health care throughout the top of the south, how will you make sure Marlborough people get a good deal? I am a very strong supporter of top of the south co-operation and will endeavour to ensure a fair and equal community support services. My past experience has shown a very positive attitude towards the top of south and what benefits it can bring to the region.

Are any groups missing out and how would you change this? There will always be a sector who feel disadvantaged, however the DHB should continue to move forward to ensure frontline services are achieved in this large catchment. I feel we can concentrate more on the young people and their needs; however, very conscious of the growing ageing population.

How will you make a difference in areas of the Marlborough health system that need to be improved? Marlborough's health needs mirror those of the rest of the country. However, there will be areas where new thinking may be required to provide prevention and support. The nature of the Marlborough catchments may require further assistance in the form of mobile services.

How will you update Marlborough people on health-board decisions, including cost cutting under the Rutherford Initiative? Communication through the media, electronic and regular newsletters should be explored, further ensuring regular updates for the people. The cost of health in this country is growing daily. Therefore we need to continually assess our needs and adjust accordingly.

How will you know your time on the board has been successful? This is not easy to determine. However, feedback from the public, satisfaction with the services are just two areas where one will feel if their time has been well spent in serving the community.

You should vote for me because: I will bring to the board experience, a committed agenda for health services to meet tomorrow's needs, a total understanding of the needs of the top of south and a passion to serve the community. I also feel a closer relationship between the local authorities and the NMDHB will achieve a great deal.

The Marlborough Express