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Youth week

Last updated 10:47 27/05/2011
J Cash

Budding scientist: Marlborough Boys' College student Jonathan Cash loves his science and has a passion for the outdoors.

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Ever wondered what it's like being a teenager in 2011? During Youth Week we have asked some Marlborough teenagers to reveal their life secrets.

Jonathan Cash, 14, Blenheim, Marlborough Boys' College

Q. The three words that best describe me are ... happy, friendly and involved.

Q. It's a bit uncool but I love ... eating a huge bowl of ice-cream most nights.

Q. In five years, I'd love to be ... at a top university studying to be a scientist.

Q. Would you like to live in Marlborough when you leave school?

A. Probably not, because if I was to become a scientist for my job I don't think there would actually be much opportunity for that sort of work. But, I wouldn't mind coming back to the Marlborough Sounds at some stage – there is always something to do round there.

Q. One thing adults really need to understand about teenagers today is ... not to ask too many pointless and sometimes ridiculous questions. All it takes is for them to think about it for a minute and they will work it out themselves.

Q. You mentioned you like the outdoors. What sort of activities do you like to do and tell us about some of your more humorous outings?

A. I enjoy tramping, mountainbiking and fishing. A couple of years ago I was out tramping on one of the Marlborough Sounds islands with Dad and there was this big-beaked parrot circling us. It was being all defensive because we had just come across one of their nests and then all of a sudden it just started dive-bombing us. That was a pretty funny moment.

Q. Tell us about your spare time. What do you do to wind down away from work and school?

A. I like to relax on a comfy chair and play on the computer. Otherwise I will just try to spend as much of my spare time outdoors. I really like the sound of birds singing. It's very peaceful and relaxing.

Q. You're a pretty keen football player. How long have you been playing and what are your highlights and lowlights?

A. I've been playing since I was about five and I now play in goal. One of my highlights was when I got into the 11th grade Marlborough soccer representative team and getting player of the season trophies with my club, Blenheim Valley. I have really hated playing some mornings. Sometimes I have been real sleepy and our team has performed pretty bad and to make it worse I was really bad in goal.

Q. Tell us about your most embarrassing moment.

A. It was my first day of school and I didn't want Mum to go so I cried all day. The teacher was getting really annoyed and some of the kids were laughing at me. It was pretty embarrassing looking back but, come on, it was my first day of school and I was young.

Q. So, what about school? We know you like science. Why is that? Is school something you enjoy in general?

A. To be honest, I do like school, but I can't wait to hopefully get through it all and crack into science. I have another three important years left. I'm looking forward to my last day ever at school, though, but in a funny way I'll probably miss it once I'm gone, too. I like the challenge of science and working out new things all the time; the hands-on learning is great.

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Q. And what about the name you share with a musical legend – does that come up much?

A. Always. I guess the best thing is people really remember my name – it's hard to forget when you meet Johnny Cash. But, it doesn't worry me, I think it's cool as. Although, my nickname is actually Jono.

- The Marlborough Express


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