Craft beer sales 'will suffer'

Josh Scott

Planned changes to Auckland's alcohol policy would be "devastating" to the craft beer industry, a Marlborough brewer says.

Blenheim brewer's bragging rights

Matt Dainty

GEOFF GRIGGS - The Marlborough Express

The West Coast Challenge golden gumboots went to Blenheim's Renaissance Brewing Company for Bloody RIPA, a red rye India pale ale.

For a change, try a lambic beer

To those who've only ever tried modern mass produced, heavily-chilled golden lagers, older beer styles can come as something of a surprise.

Be bewyched by this beastie

Wychwood Brewery

Aside from producing a broad range of ales, England's Wychwood Brewery is responsible for one of Britain's most confrontational beer advertising campaigns.

Gorgeous Gale's lost for want of a gyle


Once I'd developed an appreciation for Gale's bitter many other beers seemed quite ordinary by comparison.

Memorial brew for 'JP'

Richard Emerson

GEOFF GRIGGS - Gameplanet

I was in Dunedin at the invitation of Emerson's to attend the launch of this year's JP, the brewery's annual tribute to Professor Jean-Pierre Dufour.

Same name, but very different lagers


The Czech city of Pilsen has been a centre of brewing since the 13th century and is well known to beer lovers as the birthplace of the world's first clear, golden coloured, lager. But Pilsen it is not the Czech Republic's only famous brewing city.

Single bottle ban slated

The Voyager of the Seas,

A proposal to ban sale of single bottles of beer in Marlborough has been labelled ''ridiculous''.

Renaissance retains championship

Matt Dainty

Blenheim's Renaissance is the first brewery to hold the title of Champion International Small Brewery for a second year.

What's brewing in Belgium

Marlborough Room at the Jim Fraser Centre

My last trip to Belgium was in 2001, some 13 years ago, and since that time my go-to resource for information about Belgian beer has been Michael Jackson's Great Beers of Belgium.

Plan to make a little go a long way

Marlborough's Renaissance Brewing is thinking big, and is looking to everyday Kiwi investors to help drive its plans to fruition.

Apprentice turns master brewer


For a long time, 8 Wired Brewing and Søren Eriksen were synonymous.

Great beer - shame about noise

Smoked havarti, mushroom and bacon profiteroles

I was in Wellington for the weekend with a group of friends from Blenheim to celebrate Mike Pink's 75th birthday.

The Theakston name lives on in brewing

Black Sheep

GEOFF GRIGGS - Marlborough

Mention the name Theakston's to any ale-loving Englishman and more likely than not you'll see a drop of moisture appear in the corner of his eyes.

Price row a matter of perception

GEOFF GRIGGS - The Marlborough Express

The internet has been running hot for the past couple of weeks on the high price of beer in New Zealand .

Moa v Allan Scott Wines

Josh Scott

Just when Josh Scott thought he had outdone his dad, the road sign pointing to Moa brewery might have to be downsized.

Hike in licence fees

Wine sales

New liquor licensing fees could cost on and off-licence premises an extra $4700 to renew their liquor licence for three years.

Morse code turns thoughts to varieties

GEOFF GRIGGS - The Marlborough Express

This week's column was inspired by an episode of Inspector Morse.

Kiwi brews win silver at World Cup

Every two years I pore carefully through the results of the world's largest international beer competition

Global flavours of Australian brewer

Emerson's Bookbinder

When I migrated here in 1995 two dominant brewers had reduced beer into a bland homogenous product.

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