Tweetathon is chance to meet

23:28, May 05 2014

The supporters of a bid to win Blenheim the fastest internet connection in the southern hemisphere are holding another "tweetathon" tonight.

The group have been getting new members to tweet on the social media site, Twitter, to gain points for Blenheim, using the hashtag #gigatownbln and spokeswoman Jo Prigmore said the gathering tonight was a great way for new people to meet their team-mates in "the real world".

Anyone who wanted to learn how to support #gigatownbln or who needed help to register and start tweeting was welcome to join the group at the Yard Bar in Maxwell Rd from 6pm.

Prigmore said the effort had done "awesomely well" in the past few days and Blenheim was now in eighth place.

In the past month, it moved up three places, overtaking Whakatane and Oamaru on the way.

However, it had a way to go to get to the top five needed to go on to the next stage in the contest.


It was feasible though, as Nelson started this year behind Blenheim and was now in second place.

Prigmore said there was a bigger gap to catch up to the next competitor, but the group's tweeters were doing "incredibly well".

"Facebook commenters are doing well, but it is definitely our great tweeters who are racking up the points."

Blenheim's supporters had kept up their momentum through the year, she said, which was a lot better than a lot of towns in the top 10. "We're still growing."

While Nelson had done well on Chorus-run side promotions giving out extra points, Blenheim had not.

"All our points are pretty well from hard graft. The more people on board, the better chance we have in the competitions . . . There is still room for improvement."

Gigatown is a contest run by telecommunications infrastructure company Chorus. Teams compete to get the most points by using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites, as well as other contests to end up in the top five contestants by September.

Those five will go to Chattanooga in the United States, a town transformed by ultrafast broadband, to see what might be possible for their towns. The winning town will get connected to 1 gigabyte speed internet, the fastest in the southern hemisphere.

People helping #gigatownbln need to register on the website to support Blenheim. Prigmore said anyone needing help to do that could contact the team through Debbie Carter at the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce.