Food, fun sweeten vineyard course

03:00, May 12 2014
Grant Anthony
WARMUP: Grant Anthony, centre, of Wellington, is excited and ready for his first Saint Clair Half Marathon at the start of the new Dash event for the faster runners.
Grant Anthony
THEY'RE OFF: Runners get off to a good start at the Saint Clair Half Marathon on Saturday.
Grant Anthony
ALL SMILES: These two competitors still manage a smile during the Saint Clair Half Marathon
Grant Anthony
JUST IN TIME: A couple of late runners sprint to the starting line.
Grant Anthony
HOME ADVANTAGE: Dave Grono finishes the half marathon. He lives on the vineyard so was running on ‘‘home territory’’.
Grant Anthony
SCENIC WALK: Competitors in the walking section chat and seem to be enjoying the pace.
Grant Anthony
QUICKEST WOMAN: Woman’s winner of the Dash event, Annabel Latz crosses the finish line.

A record 2900 entrants took part in the St Clair Half Marathon on Saturday. Reporter Germari Herselman and photographer Scott Hammond were there on the sidelines to catch the action.

A beautiful sunny Marlborough day welcomed the thousands of visitors and Marlborough runners who turned out for the St Clair Half Marathon on Saturday.

A record 2900 entrants took part this year, walking and running the vineyard course and taking in the stunning autumn scenery.

Grant Anthony
WARMUP: Grant Anthony, centre, of Wellington, is excited and ready for his first Saint Clair Half Marathon at the start of the new Dash event for the faster runners.

First-time half-marathon entrant Nicola Wilson, of Christchurch, said the course had been great, but it was the entertainment and snacks along the way that spurred her along.

"I kept running past the salmon being served, but just had to stop for some sauvignon blanc gelato - I think it gave me an energy boost for the rest of the race and it was delicious," she said.

Renwick man Steve Olsen competed for his fourth time and thought conditions were great for running


"Marlborough put on an amazing day with great weather, entertainment and good food."

Half-marathon organiser Chris Shaw said he had received lots of good feedback regarding en-route entertainment, especially the Marlborough Boys' College Pacifika group.

"It was an amazing day, the busiest one we've ever had," Shaw said. "It was great to see so many people from around the country support our event and we'll be looking at ways to make it even better next year."

Simon Dench was part of a group from Auckland that travelled here for the race. They stopped at the 15 kilometre rest stop to enjoy some Marlborough sparkling wine.

"Some of my friends might still be there, the wine was so good. I stopped to appreciate the view and take photos along the way as well - it was breathtaking," he said.

He knew thousands of runners took part, but did not expect the large crowds that had gathered at the finished line.

Marlborough runners put in a good showing, with Renwick's Annabelle Latz taking the top spot on the women's Dash event. James Young, from Blenheim, won the man's run, while Rodney Wallace, from Blenheim, won the men's walk event.


Half Marathon - Dash

Men: 1st Joshua Mcgettigan, Wellington 1:17:16; 2nd Trevor Voyce, Nelson 1:18:51; 3rd Kent Hodgson 1:20:30

Women: 1st Annabelle Latz, Renwick 1:28:01; 2nd Anneke Cockerell 1:30:06; 3rd Nikita Watkins, Whakatane 1:34:48

Half Marathon - Run

Men's: 1st James Young, Blenheim 1:25:58; 2nd Simon Yarrell, Christchurch 1:27:32; 3rd Robin Ruston, Christchurch 1:27:41.

Women's: 1st Patricia Green 1:34:11; 2nd Julia Miles 1:38:09; 3rd Sarah Mclaren 1:39:48.

Half Marathon - Hybrid

Men's: 1st Hayden Diskin 1:54:36; 2nd John Crane, Hamilton 1:59:42; 3rd Brian Brohm, Blenheim 2:00:39.

Women's: 1st Olivia Moon 1:51:29; 2nd Brittany Lewis 1:54:26; 3rd Rocky Evans 1:55:38.

Half Marathon - Walk

Men's: 1st Rodney Wallace, Blenheim 2:35:28; 2nd John Kerkhofs, Christchurch 2:37:10; 3rd Grant Tyrrell, Christchurch 2:41:11.

Women's: 1st Kirsten Clark 2:23:24; 2nd Sue Hollis, Greymouth 2:35:04; 3rd Georgia Hammond 2:35:28.