Home detention for pair for aggravated robbery

Two men were sentenced to home detention when they appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday after previously admitting to aggravated robbery.

Judge Jan Kelly said Jonathan James Bradley, 18, and Bradley David Judge, 23, followed their victim to the Blenheim District Court house on March 9, about 4.30pm.

Once they were there, Judge removed his shirt and approached the victim in an aggressive manner, with Bradley following close behind. They pinned the victim against the wall of the court and made threats of physical violence through both words and actions.

Bradley told the victim to "hand over your headphones or you're going to get a crack", which was then repeated to the victim by Judge.

An independent witness saw the robbery, and phoned police.

When they arrived the victim was so shaken he could hardly explain what had happened.

Judge and Bradley were found a short time later and the headphones were returned, although they were damaged.

Bradley was sentenced to nine months' home detention, 100 hours' community work and six months' post detention conditions.

Judge was sentenced to nine months' home detention, 200 hours' community work and six months' post-detention conditions.

Bradley's age was a mitigating factor in his offending, but there were no mitigating factors in Judge's case, the judge said.

Both men were subjected to the three-strikes law and ordered to pay $75 each in reparations for the headphones.

The Marlborough Express