Time to celebrate sauv day

Delegates from Marlborough wineries are gathering today to celebrate the fifth annual International Sauvignon Blanc Day.

Worldwide celebrations kickoff in New Zealand, so Wine Marlborough is recognising the day by hosting a special event at Cloudy Bay winery near Blenheim. The event encourages everyone to celebrate the day by participating in the Twitter conversation using #SauvBlanc.

Wine Marlborough general manager Marcus Pickens said Wine Marlborough had been running the social media event for a few years.

"[It is about] being loud and proud about the fact that we actually make something world famous - no denying it."

Wine Spectator senior editor and senior tasting coordinator MaryAnn Worobiec, based in the United States, was attending the event, Pickens said. This showed the day was gaining momentum nationally and internationally.

Cloudy Bay senior winemaker Tim Heath said it was a special day for his team and the region. "Sauvignon is a huge part of our history and is very important for us in our region. It's nice for us to be able to stop and take stock of one of the things that really drives this region and makes it tick and celebrate it and enjoy it."

The event was about savouring the flavours of Marlborough sauvignon blanc and getting everyone together after harvest.

The annual International Sauvignon Blanc day was an online initiative started in California. Lunches and tastings will be held in Melbourne, Hong Kong, London and Toronto.


The Marlborough Express