Positive outlook

21:11, May 19 2014

As part of youth week, the Marlborough Express is running a series on Marlborough district youth councillors. Today, Tamsin Woolf, 17, of Picton talks about the role of the youth council.

Why did you become a youth councillor?

I was asked to become a councillor when I was in year 10 at Queen Charlotte College. I thought it would be a really good way to represent the youth in Picton. I wanted to be able to throw events that showed a more positive side to young people and that they didn't match the stereotypes.

What has the youth council achieved that you are most proud of?

I am really proud of all the ‘for youth, by youth' events we have run, like the Youth for Canterbury concert, the first intergenerational event we ran and the youth civic awards.

Through all the events we gained really valuable experience in different areas of the events planning process. The events were also a good way for the three colleges to work together.

As part of this year's theme ‘be the change', how can negative stereotypes of young people be addressed?

I believe the media has a massive influence on how the general public view youth. A lot of people only see the negative side of youth through the media, leading them to make gross generalisations that encompass the entire youth population. Positive portrayal of youth in the media may help to address the issue. I challenge the people that believe these generalisations to go and talk to a teenager, I'm sure you will find us really nice.


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