Shock for house painter

20:50, May 19 2014
Sarah and Dave Anderson
SPARKS FLY: Emergency services were called to a Blenheim house after a man got an electric shock.

A 30-year-old Blenheim man got an electric shock while painting the roof of a house, police say.

A police spokeswoman said the incident happened at Nosworthy St, Blenheim, about 3.50pm on Sunday.

St John station manager Tony Cronin said the man was holding a paint roller when it touched wires going into the house.

He got an electric shock but was not thrown off the house and managed to get down the ladder himself, he said.

He was taken to Wairau Hospital, in Blenheim, with minor injuries. A hospital spokeswoman said the man had been treated and discharged.

Marlborough Lines operations manager Brian Tapp said a linesman disconnected the power to the house as a precaution after the man had been injured.


Marlborough Lines offered a free service to disconnect electricity on request if something needed to be done around the house, Tapp said.

People who wanted to cut trees or paint a roof could contact the company between Monday and Friday to get the electricity turned off. "There are a number of situations where it would be very safe to disconnect the power," Tapp said

All wires at the front of a house should be considered unsafe, he said.

"You could get an electric shock, fall off a ladder and break your back," he said.

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