Surreal brand of comedy

21:16, May 19 2014
Rhys Darby
BEAR ESSENTIALS: Comedian Rhys Darby brought plenty of laughs to Blenheim with his Mr Adventure show.

Rhys Darby's Mr Adventure Tour Marlborough Floor Pride Civic Theatre May 19.

Comedian Rhys Darby flexed his comedy muscles quite literally in the tightest of black outfits last night.

He bounded on to the stage in skinny jeans so figure-hugging he said police used him as honey trap for pickpockets in Blenheim.

Darby put on a physical performance at the Civic Theatre far removed from the character of Murray in Flight of the Conchords. Fans may be used to him as the Conchords copper-haired band manager/paper pushing Deputy Cultural Attache at the New Zealand consulate in America, but Darby showed he can go beyond the geeky into the realms of mythical, fantastical comedy.

He pranced around the stage with the energy of a teenage Red Bull-aholic, mixing impersonations of communicating with gorillas via butt-slapping morse code to getting stuck in a maze at Rainbow's End when he was 8.

Darby was not afraid to perform an endless ream of soundboards that rivalled the voicecraft of Sergeant Larvelle "motor mouth" Jones from Police Academy. From imitations of machine guns to his unique way of calling his cat, he proved a master character comedian.

It was his surreal brand of comedy that had the audience in stitches as he managed to seamlessly join together random stories of meeting the Loch Ness monster, communicating with a mountain gorilla in Rwanda and a magic mushroom-induced honeymoon adventure.

He showed bewilderment as he guided the audience through his adventures which blurred between fact and comedic fiction.

On his Mr Adventure tour he played the over-excited tour guide to perfection and the audience loved it.


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