Parata seeks feedback on colleges report

04:18, May 28 2014

The Education Minister is giving school boards and parents until August 1 to say what their choice is for secondary education in Blenheim.

An Education Ministry report on the future of Marlborough Girls' and Marlborough Boy's colleges, presented to the minister yesterday, gives three options.

Minister Hekia Parata read the report yesterday and said today she was starting the formal consultation ​ process​.

The three options are to relocate one or both schools as two single sex colleges on one site or ​close to each other, ​to ​retain the ​colleges ​as they are, or to build one ​new co-educational ​secondary school.​ ​

School ​boards and the community ​would have until August 1 to provide feedback to the ministry for Parata to make her ​final decision, she said in a statement today.

​No information was available early this afternoon on when the consultation would start, ​when the ministry report would be released to the public or who would manage the process.


The ministry report was written after initial public consultation during December and January.

Parata's spokeswoman said yesterday it was unlikely the minister would have read the report before she visited Blenheim on Friday, and that she would not be meeting anyone from the colleges while she was here.

The spokeswoman said today Parata had read the report yesterday. She did not give a reason for the change, or whether she would now also meet college representatives on Friday. 

Parata thanked the college boards for the work they had done on the report, saying the feedback has formed the options that would be part of the formal consultation during the next two months.

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