Staff enjoy feeling valued

23:49, May 29 2014
shelley hanrahan
PAID OFF: The Warehouse Blenheim administration assistant Shelley Hanrahan has trained to qualify for a higher wage under the Career Retail Scheme after 11 years with the company.

A Blenheim retail worker says an initiative introduced by her employer to make retail a more attractive career choice has made her feel more valued as an employee.

The Warehouse Blenheim administration assistant Shelley Hanrahan has been with the store for 11 years, and started on the company's Career Retailer Wage scheme last year.

The scheme is open to all The Warehouse Group staff members who have completed 5000 hours with the company, and have completed the required training for their role.

It offers these staff members an increase to their base hourly rate, to anywhere between $18 and $20 per hour, depending on their role.

The current minimum wage for an adult who was not a starting-out worker or trainee was $14.25 an hour.

"The money side helps, but it sort of makes you feel appreciated too. You have put in all the years or hours and it's really nice to be appreciated," Hanrahan said.


She had completed two online training tasks as part of the scheme, which had mainly been a reiteration of what she had already been doing, but was good to have for her CV, she said.

Company chief executive Mark Powell said an estimated 4100 team members nationwide would be earning the Career Retailer Wage as of August 1.

The wage was in recognition of their skills and experience, he said.

After having various roles during her time, about 21,000 hours, with The Warehouse, Hanrahan said the people, and the company's flexibility had kept her with them, and wanting to take part in the scheme.

"They work around you and with you ... I think it's what you put in is what you get out."

All of the group's retail businesses, including The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationary, and Noel Leeming Group were eligible for the scheme.

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