Students focus on wellbeing

21:45, May 29 2014
tallara daldorf, chloe crawford
HEALTH MATTERS: Marlborough Girls' College students Tallara Daldorf, 14, left, and Chloe Crawford, 14, at the school's second annual health seminar yesterday.

Marlborough College students had mental wellbeing on their minds yesterday.

Senior students organised the morning for junior students to create the opportunity to talk openly and get advice on health issues.

The students attended talks between 9am and 11am on subjects including the dangers of smoking and benefits of being smokefree, using the internet wisely and protecting themselves from online predators, and building resilience to cope with stressful situations.

Cityfitness talked to students about their body image and how they saw themselves.

College prefect Georgia Murrin said a discussion on puberty was led by the seniors.

"The thought behind it was that students might find it easier to talk to their peers and are more likely to listen if the message comes from us, than someone older. We want to support each other and talk about issues that may be more personal," she said.


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