Rescuer meets man he saved

03:04, Jun 04 2014
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HEALTH PROBE: The Health and Disability Commission is investigating the case of former Marlborough Sounds man Kerry Anthony, pictured with wife Jackie, who crashed his car after being given painkillers at Wairau Hospital.

Six months ago, Nelson man Warren Green and his son Scott Green pulled an unresponsive Kerry Anthony from his car after he veered off the Wairau Bridge.

Anthony had been allowed to drive the 70-kilometre journey to his Marlborough Sounds home after being given a combination of painkillers with his broken arm immobilised.

Anthony lost consciousness and crashed his car just 20 minutes after he was discharged from Wairau Hospital.

warren green
ALL SMILES: Warren Green, centre, meets with Kerry and Jackie Anthony six months after pulling him from his vehicle after the accident on Wairau Bridge.

After learning more about the accident through an article in the Marlborough Express, Green wanted to meet the man he saved. He met Anthony and his wife Jackie Anthony on Sunday.

"It was a happy occasion," Green said. "There were no tears, it was more a gathering of friendship. I am just happy that he is alive."

Kerry Anthony said he owed his life to Green.


Jackie Anthony said her husband had no recollection of the accident and meeting Green had helped fill in the gaps.

Green had turned off Rapaura Rd and was travelling behind Anthony's car when he noticed his erratic driving. Initially he thought it was a drink-driver.

"As we crossed the bridge he veered out across the central lines. He drove off the end of the bridge and careered through bush, missing a tree. He went over a couple of banks and came to a stop. You wouldn't have seen him from the road."

While Green searched the bush to find Anthony's car, his son Scott used the lights from his family car to help the search.

Green was able to reach through a passenger window and unlock the doors. He found Anthony slumped in the passenger seat footwell, barely breathing.

Scott was able to relay Anthony's condition to his mother who phoned an ambulance.

"The worst part was when paramedics carried him up to the helicopter and there was no response," Green said. "I thought to myself ‘is he going to make it?' I would have done what anyone would have done in the same situation."

The Marlborough Express