Chill wind leaves audience grumpy

22:24, Jun 03 2014

Patsy Lowe and her daughter had dressed for the frosty conditions outside when they went to the theatre in Blenheim on Sunday - but never expected they would need all the layers to survive the show.

Lowe said those sitting around her kept their jackets on and were complaining of a cold wind. Lowe wrapped her scarf around her head. Three-quarters of the way through the first half of Grumpy Old Women, she went to complain. A woman who identified herself as a "duty manager" was dismissive, Lowe said. But the show was a good one so she returned to her seat in "the freezer". During the interval her daughter fetched a rug.

Lowe felt sorry for the performers wearing skimpy costumes and said a comment about the cold was even slipped into the script.

Civic Theatre chief executive Alana Cairns said the cold air was caused by a heating system malfunction that had now been fixed. The show producers had been warned there might be some discomfort but decided to go ahead.

She apologised for any discomfort patrons experienced on Sunday.


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