Men remanded for assaults on women

22:32, Jun 03 2014

Kelly Leslie Andrews, 37, was remanded for sentencing after admitting charges of male assaults female and assault with intent to injure.

Munro said Andrews was at home in Koromiko on May 16 with some associates, including the victim.

They had been drinking, and Andrews became upset with the victim about how she was behaving with one of their associates. He then asked her to sit next to him.

When she didn't move he walked to her, picked her up and carried her to where he had been sitting. She struggled away and went back to where she had been sitting, before he followed her and grabbed her by her arms. She struggled again, slapping him before he bit her. The pair were broken up by their associates.

The victim went into a bedroom, where Andrews later approached her again, dragging her off the bed and on to the floor by her arms.

He then bit her on the head, nose and arms before their associates restrained Andrews and the victim ran away and called her father, who came to pick her up.


The victim suffered cuts and bruising to her body. Andrews was to reappear on June 16.

Allan Nelson Wati, 51, was remanded in custody without plea on nine charges.

He faces a charge of injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, threatening to kill, assault with a blunt instrument, indecent assault, sexual violation and four of male assaults female.

He was to reappear on June 9.

Nelson Hokianga Malatele, 26, appeared for sentence on charges of male assaults female and possession of an offensive weapon.

The charges related to an incident on March 9, when Malatele arrived home intoxicated about 5am.

He became enraged during an argument with his partner, and began throwing objects at her, before picking up two large knives.

He then paced the lounge with the knives before police arrived and told him to put them down, or he would be tasered.

The judge sentenced him to nine months' supervision and 120 hours' community work on each charge.

The fact that Malatele was intoxicated at the time of the offending explained the incident, but did not excuse it, the judge said.

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