Sleuths to solve college murder

20:54, Jun 09 2014
Alex Williams
MURDER MYSTERY: Marlborough Girls’ College pupils, from left, Astra Wooller, 14, left, and Caitlin Byrnents, 13, try to solve the staged murder in the college library for Love Your Library Week.

Marlborough Girls' College students have a murder mystery to solve after one of their favorite chemistry teachers fell victim to foul play.

The staged crime forms part of the college's Love your Library Week activities.

Head librarian Colleen Shipley said students received the news yesterday morning that their chemistry teacher had been poisoned in the library on Friday afternoon. His surprise identical twin also happened to be a chemistry teacher and would cover his "brother's" classes until a replacement could be found, she said.

"We have six suspects, three teachers and three students. The library has been flooded with girls who want to try and figure out who the murderer is," she said.

The crime scene, developed and staged by library prefect Margo Martin-Babin, has been cordoned off and each suspect's statement has been printed and put on display.

Each seemed to have a reason they may have lashed out at the chemistry teacher; some were jealous of his position others were angry that he gave them low marks, Shipley said.


It has also been confirmed that the murder weapon was tetrodotoxin poisoning, or pufferfish poison, in his tea.

On Friday the staged murder would be re-enacted and the murderer identified. All students who guessed correctly would go into a lucky draw for prizes.

"Love Your Library Week is focused on getting more students reading and into the library," she said.

Other activities include a book quiz, a book swap day and a blind date with a book where books are wrapped in brown paper and students know only the genre of the books they choose.

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