Vines make room for $17m extension

20:49, Jun 11 2014
Awatere Valley Rd
MEGA EXTENSION: Constellation Wines senior vice-president, winemaking, Darryl Woolley says vines are being removed to make way for an extension to Drylands winery on Hammerichs Road.

Millions of dollars are being invested in winery extensions in Marlborough to meet increased demand.

Contractors began pulling out vines this week to make way for a $17m extension to Drylands winery.

The build was expected to be completed by the next year's harvest.

Constellation Wines senior vice-president winemaking Darryl Woolley said the extension would enable them to meet increased to demand from global markets.

The extended winery would be able to hold an extra six million litres of wine, he said.

"Effectively we are on track for our winery to take up to 20m litres, right now we are sitting at 14m so we are increasing by 40 per cent.


"We are getting more tanks, another crusher, another presser and, of course, the infrastructure to manage that."

Four 500,000 litre tanks and twenty-eight 200,000 litre tanks would be installed, Woolley said. "It's going to be big."

Delegat's Wine Estate is also expanding.

Managing director Graeme Lord said their Marlborough winery expansion was part of the company's $132m capital expenditure plan.

The extension was the first phase of a long-term plan to double capacity in Marlborough from 20 tonnes of crushed grapes to 40.

The extension, to be completed by harvest next year, would enable the winery to process 26 tonnes, he said.

This week, the Express reported bottling company WineWorks began work on a $15m wine storage ware- house at Riverlands Industrial Estate.

The decision came after increased demand from this year's vintage.

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