Police seeking hit-and-run driver

Blenheim police are looking for the driver of a blue sedan who drove away after hitting a 12-year-old girl on a pedestrian crossing.

Deisha Graham was making her way across the Seymour St crossing in Blenheim, between a supermarket and the Marlborough District Library, when the car knocked her over about 4.15pm yesterday.

She was taken to Wairau Hospital, where she was treated for grazes to her knee and bruising to her hand and discharged.

The incident was recorded on closed-circuit television.

Deisha's mother, Leana Hoeta, was angry that the driver had not stopped before her daughter and her half-brother and sister had time to react.

The pair were only 17 and 13, she said.

"I think they might have been a bit shocked and they didn't react as quick as other people would have."

Hoeta was upset at comments on Facebook that her daughter had been at fault.

"There are people saying that she was in the wrong, and they don't even know who the other people were, and they are saying it was the parents," she said.

"[If the video had been longer] they would have seen [my brother] run across the road [to check on her]."

She said her brother had carried Deisha to the car after the incident and driven her to the hospital.

Deisha was back at school today, but Hoeta hoped the driver would come forward.

Tasman police communications manager Barbara Dunn said police were asking the driver to come forward, and would like to speak to any witnesses.

They should call the Blenheim police station on 03 578 5279.

The Marlborough Express