No consensus in recycling methods

22:08, Jun 12 2014

Different Marlborough townships might get different rubbish recycling methods, council solid waste manager Alec McNeil says.

A survey of residents in Tuamarina, Rarangi, Spring Creek, Grovetown, and Renwick came up with different results for the different communities, he told the Marlborough District Council's assets and services committee yesterday.

There was no consensus across the five communities, he said.

"It is fair to say Renwick and Spring Creek seem to be leaning towards some form of kerbside service."

However, there was also interest in a mobile container, which could be placed in the townships for people to use to get rid of their recycling, he said.

A four week trial of the container in Tuamarina had worked well, McNeil said, with the material deposited being "perfect".


The other four communities hadn't used it yet, and their interest might increase after they used it.

"When people experience the service, they are much more informed about its operation."

The survey had a 42 per cent return rate, and had provided information that would be combined with the results of the container trial for the council to make decisions in October.

This survey was "a fact-finding expedition", McNeil said.

The mobile container was funded through the Coca Cola Foundation in association with Keep New Zealand Beautiful. A recycling container was being trialled at Tuamarina, Spring Creek, Grovetown, Rapaura and Renwick from last month to October 2014. The container has four compartments for the collection of cans, glass and plastic bottles.

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