Pool upgrade after earthquakes

QUAKE DAMAGE:  Earthquakes last year damaged the Awatere Community Pool complex, requiring repair work.
QUAKE DAMAGE: Earthquakes last year damaged the Awatere Community Pool complex, requiring repair work.

A renovated community pool complex in Seddon should be open by summer after the Marlborough District Council approved a $150,000 upgrade.

The council's assets and services committee yesterday agreed to fund $153,558.49 to enable upgrades to be carried out in addition to the repairs covered by insurance. Insurance would cover repairs to earthquake damage.

Council reserves officer Elisha Oldridge said the Awatere Community Pool buildings and concrete surrounds were significantly damaged in last year's earthquakes.

The rebuild of the pool complex created the opportunity to provide higher quality changing sheds, office and storage areas that better met the needs of the community, she said.

"The additions will come at an extra cost but it will ensure that the pool gets full use and that there are no additions required after the facility is re-opened," she said.

The work would be done by summer.

Councillors agreed, and unanimously voted to allocate the extra money from council's forestry reserves.

Committee chairman Terry Sloan said Seddon had been hit hard by the earthquakes.

"I see this as something good that could benefit the community out there, and other children that travel in from outside the district. It benefits the wider Marlborough area."

Councillor Geoff Evans said the council should "do it once and do it properly".

The $153,558.49 covered by council was the sum of three figures:

The Awatere Community Trust requested additions to the initial repair plans including extending the storeroom and laying concrete to provide better access to the toilets. They also wanted minor changes including shelving, insulation, sensor lights and extractor fans. These renovations totalled $53,665.

Jeremiah Homes, which won the rebuild tender, found wider concrete areas that could do with fixing, at a cost of $55,300.

It was also recommended that a new pool cover be installed and a bench reel set was added at a cost of $44,623.49. The pool cover was heavy and difficult to use.