Police show what they can do

23:00, Jun 15 2014
police open day
OFFICER IN TRAINING: Aaliyah Ratukalou, 4, has her fingerprints taken by Senior Constable Al Hendrickson at the Blenheim police station open day.

Marlborough Police held an open day on Saturday, giving the community the opportunity to see what they do.

Hundreds of parents and children turned up at the station to learn about fingerprinting, tour the station cell block area and meet the police dogs.

Police cars were open for the public to climb into and children were allowed to try on police uniforms.

The armed offenders squad were on hand with weapons, Tasers and pepper spray to explain what happened in the event offenders were armed.

Marlborough crime prevention team member Senior Constable Al Hendrickson demonstrated a new technique used by police to take fingerprints.

Instead of using ink, the same powder used to fingerprint crime scenes is applied to a person's hand, then pressed down on clear sticky paper and sealed with white paper, he said.

Blenheim mother Emma Jordan took her 4-year-old daughter to the open day to help her overcome her fear of police officers.

"It has been amazing, she is talking to them, she let the constable take her fingerprints and she even wants to try on the uniform," she said.


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