Rumbling reminder for Seddon

19:11, Jun 19 2014

People in Seddon said they could feel buildings creak during yesterday's earthquake but thought it was caused by a truck going past.

Geonet recorded a 4.5 magnitude quake at a depth of 44 kilometres, centred 45km south-east of Seddon just after 11am.

Cozy Corner cafe worker Ruth Kamo said she didn't feel a thing as the cafe staff were "flat-out busy" at the time.

"So we've started shaking again?" she said. "We have had a couple during the night. We're right, though."

Awatere Community Information Centre worker Sue Barker said she thought she heard the building creak.

"It was just a noise. I didn't know whether it was a shake or a truck. It wasn't a big and stopping one."


Two other centre staff felt it while they were in the cafe.

A staff member at Seddon Supervalue said she felt the quake, but it was nothing compared to what Seddon residents had felt in the past.

"I had to distinguish whether it was a truck or an earthquake," she said. "It was more noise for us."

She was the only staff member in the supermarket who felt the quake, she said.

Seddon was hit by a series of earthquakes between magnitude 5 and 6 almost a year ago.

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